Traveling To The Bordeaux Region Of France? Be Sure To Check Out These Owl Cabins.

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In the southwest region of France, an amazing group of artists have come together.

Many people don't realize that spending quality time outside is incredibly good for you health. It helps reduce stress, increases your vitamin D intake, and can even help increase brain functions. Going camping, heading to the beach, or even just taking a long walk, are awesome ways to get in tune with nature. In the Bordeaux region of France, a group of artists have created shelters for people to spend time in while experiencing nature firsthand. Check out these incredible shelters, and if you ever find yourself in France, you may want to make a reservation!This group includes artists, architects, photographers, and urbanists. What they've done will blow your mind!
Bruit du Frigo

They've created Refuges Périurbains, or Peri-urban shelters.

Peri-urbanisation is the combination of town and country life. For example, a city that's in the middle of a mountain chain.
Bruit du Frigo

The artists have created six different shelters.

The most breathtaking of the six are the “Les Guetteurs” or “The Watchers." They're a series of three owls and they're certainly incredible.

The owls were designed, and constructed, by Bruit du Frigo's partner, Zebra3/Buy-Sellf.

They were actually inspired by ground-dwelling owls in the region, called a brachyote. They're a relatively small owl that builds its nest on the ground.

The structure is entirely made from plywood.

The frame was built into a circular shape. It was intended to look just like an owl's body.

It's amazing how they were put together.

Strips of curved wood make the exterior. I think the wood gives it the appearance of having feathers.

The roof is absolutely adorable!

The use of shingles adds a nice touch! They definitely give the shelter a bird-like quality.

The inside looks just as beautiful as the outside.

The shelters have three floors, and are connected by ladders. They appear to have quite a bit of room in them.
Bordeaux Métropole

They can host up to nine people!

Using round beds, the designers utilize the 160 square feet perfectly! I think it's really cute the way they were meant to look like nests.
Bruit du Frigo

The owls were built with a pier.

They have a great view that overlooks the wetlands. Even when you're inside, you can connect with nature.

These shelters are 100% open to the public.

They're used for any kind of traveler of the Bordeaux region. They're absolutely great for camping.

There are even tours available!

You can take a hiking tour to check out the entire region! What a beautiful experience that would be.

The design team had a broader plan in mind when they created the shelters.

They wanted to promote urban hiking, and the study of the environment, as a cultural experience. That's why it costs absolutely nothing to stay here.

If you enjoy being one with nature, and roughing it out, you might want to check this place out.

There's no running water or electricity on the property. But, if you're okay with that, then this would be an incredible experience!
Bruit du Frigo