DIY Gold Paint Projects That Add Bling To Your Life.

DIY Gold Paint Projects That Add Bling To Your Life. March 3, 2019

Do you adore the color gold? Why wouldn’t you, it is the most expensive color on earth after all. We’ve compiled a list of some great DIY projects that will help you incorporate more of that luxurious color into your home. However, keep in mind when using the color gold as decor that you have to be weary of the surrounding colors. Gold is a fabulous color, but it doesn’t mesh with every other color. It’ll shine and glow just as long as neutral colors like black and white are around it. Check out the list below to get started today.Glam up a globe by painting it white and gold. This is the perfect accessory for the home of any traveler.

Turn simple glass dishes like these into stylish desk accessories by painting the surface with gold paint. It can hold small supplies like paper clips and other things.

All you need to recreate these cork pen cups with golden accents are cylinder containers, craft glue, cork sheets, gold spray paint, rubber bands and pegs.

You can even paint some quartz crystals to spice them up a bit. With just a small part of the crystals painted, they become a whole different accessory.

Use white and gold spray paint to transform an outdated fan into a modern glamorous one! Now you can have air blown in style.

If you’re the type of person to collect seashells during your beach visits, why not try spray-painting some of them gold. They’ll become glamorous coastal accessories that you can place anywhere in the household.

If you have any all white objects in your home, they may come off too modern or minimalist. A little gold pain, however, can make a big difference like on these porcelain mini spoons.

To give your personal business cards some personality, try gliding the edges of the cards with gold spray paint. They’ll definitely make a statement.

Combine a tree branch and some gold spray paint together and you’ve got yourself a beautiful jewelry organizer! Just paint the branch and attach it to the wall.

Gold paint is so good at turning anything chic, you can even use it on a trashcan! Just spritz it with gold spray paint and voila!

You could even give some of your furniture a makeover with some gold paint. For example, you can transform these barstools into new chic ones by painting the bottom of the legs and the seats.

Turn any cart into a stylish bar cart. All you have to do is choose one in the size and style you want and then paint the frame afterwards with some gold spray paint.

Upgrade any of your dressers by painting one of the drawers gold. It’s subtle and yet still super fancy looking!

Anyone could use a pop of color and glam in their makeup, jewelry or desk drawer! Just spray paint a plastic organizer with gold spray paint and then pop it back into your drawer!

When you don’t have the funds to upgrade your phone, you can upgrade your phone’s case! Just make sure not to layer the paint on too thick, or it’ll chip off easily.

Super simple yet very chic. All you need is a hanger, gold spray paint, and five minutes to recreate this and then you’ll be able to hang up pictures in style.

By painting the moldings in the wall with gold paint, you can upgrade any plain walls. Your home will look like it was touched by Versailles.

Before you hang up those green Christmas lights, spray paint them gold to make the front of your house look super glam during the Christmas season.

Accent your pots with some glam by adding some gold paint to them. You can paint a triangle like in here or any other design you desire.

Transform a blank wall in a hallway into a faux mudroom by adding some hooks and personalized letters. Now you have a place to hang your purse, kids backpacks and coats!