He Put His Tongue On The Roof Of His Mouth For 60 Seconds To Help Him Sleep.

He Put His Tongue On The Roof Of His Mouth For 60 Seconds To Help Him Sleep. January 25, 2019

All around the world there are countless people who have trouble getting to sleep at night. It’s a common problem and those that suffer from it try everything they can find at the local drug store. It can be a very costly venture and one will find that most of the solutions don’t work. Then you are stuck with them because nobody will take back any type of drugs that have been opened. There are reports that this quick and easy technique is the answer to all of the lack of sleep problems around the world. All you do is place your tongue on the upper part of your mouth, right behind your upper teeth, and breathe in deeply and slowly. They say that if you do this you will be asleep in less than sixty seconds. Come on now, it can’t be that easy… can it? The good news is that it doesn’t cost any money to give it a try. Very little effort is needed and you should know if it works or not within a minute. What’s a minute of time when the alternative is to not go to sleep for several hours or more? Give it a shot and let us know if it works!Not being able to go to sleep is a problem that is suffered by many people. It’s not fun to try to find a comfortable position in hopes that sleep will come.

It’s reported that this technique will help you find the elusive sleep. The best part is it doesn’t cost money and you don’t have to leave the house to get it.

The reports say that all you have to do is touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue and breath slowly. That’s it. It also is supposed to reduce stress in the body.

If you give it a try and can’t fall asleep you haven’t lost time or effort or most importantly money. Place your tongue right behind your upper teeth and give it a shot. You might be asleep before you have a chance to think about it.

With your tongue in place you should breath deeply in and out. If you hear a “whoosh” type sound when you breathe you’ll know that you are doing it correctly.

On your exhale it should take twice as long as inhaling. This helps you relax and you’ll be asleep in no time at all. This can help reduce stress during the day as well, even if you aren’t trying to go to sleep.

Studies say that most people who have tried this have fallen asleep in less than sixty seconds. Give it a shot and see if it works for you. All you have to lose is more sleep right?

Doctors say that this technique will relax you in ways you never dreamed of. Sleep will be just a minute away. (Or less!)

How many times have you looked over to the other side of the bed and get mad at your spouse because they are sleeping easily? Now you can make them jealous of you!

There won’t be any reason to fear these little guys anymore. You’ll be asleep before you even have a chance to think about them!