Pamper Your Pooch Because Today Is National Dog Day!

Pamper Your Pooch Because Today Is National Dog Day! March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Today is a day for celebration! If you’re dog owner, that is. Today is National Dog Day. It’s a day to celebrate your furry friends. If you’re anything like me, then you celebrate your dog every day. But, today is a good day to go above and beyond. The dogs in our lives bring us so much happiness. They give us cuddles when we’re not feeling so good. They make us laugh with their crazy antics. They even give us a little frustration when they rip up our favorite pair of shoes. That doesn’t matter though; you love them regardless. So, take some time today to show your favorite pup how lucky you are to have them in your life!It was founded in 2004 by Colleen Paige, a pet and family lifestyle expert and animal advocate. She chose this day as a tribute to the day she adopted her first dog, Sheltie.

By petting your dog, you can actually lower your blood pressure. Who would’ve thought having a dog was so good for your health?

The purpose of National Dog Day is to raise awareness of the amount of dogs that need to be rescued. It also recognizes the selfless work dogs do when they love us, or when they put their lives on the line in certain professions.

Well, maybe not when they’re rolling around in smelly stuff. But, it only smells to humans; they think it smells absolutely fantastic!

Some states actually ban certain breeds of dogs, and sometimes put them to sleep, because of what humans have turned them into. It’s absolutely not the dogs’ fault and they certainly shouldn’t be punished because of it.

So, when you leave, they’re missing you a whole bunch. If you give them a shirt that has your scent on it, it will relieve their anxiety and comfort them.

We love and protect them like they’re one of own children. And when something happens to them, we worry about them like they’re one of our children, too.

When dogs meet each other, they tend to sniff each other’s face. So, when your dog jumps up on you, he’s just trying to say “hello.”

That’s why they always have their tongue sticking out! It can get a little messy, depending on how much they drool, but it can make for some really silly pictures.

When they feel a connection to another dog their brain releases a chemical called oxytocin. Just like a human’s brain does when we fall in love!

This is because of all of the different smells! Their sense of smell is 10,000 times stronger than that of a human, so when they stick their head out of the window, they’re enjoying all of the different scents!

When you buy one from a pet store, there’s a good chance they came from a puppy mill. It’s important to not support factory bred dogs, so check out your local shelter for your new companion.

So, go to your local pet store and get your fur baby a new toy, or maybe some delicious treats. They absolutely deserve it!

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