10 Fun Accessories You And Your Pet Have Always Wanted.

10 Fun Accessories You And Your Pet Have Always Wanted. December 26, 2018

Nowadays, owning a pet is more about love and compassion than mere companionship. Our beloved pets give us so much, without asking anything in return. They teach us valuable lessons about love, loyalty and about life itself. As our tiring and chaotic day comes to an end, our pets are always there to provide us a moment of peace and tranquility. Moreover, playing with your pet is proven to be the best stress buster as well. Considering all the ways our pets enrich our lives, it makes perfect sense to reward their loyalty and companionship by treating them once a while. These 10 pet accessories are some great options in case you’re planning on pampering your gorgeous pets who are truly party of the family.Our canine companions love going for walks. Just because it’s dark, doesn’t mean that you can’t take your dog for a walk. This is one invention your pet is bound to love. The LED dog collars are not only waterproof, but their battery lasts for an impressive 17 years. These collars are also used by K-9 search units and Rescue units worldwide who rely on the safety and superior quality that this product offers.

Sometimes, people bond a lot more with their pets than they do with other human beings, and who can blame them? Pets are truly unconditional with their love and they often make you feel like a King or Queen. So, why not get your adoring pet a full-fledged mansion that shows them they’re royalty as well? Now you can buy custom-made luxury dog houses, built with the most high quality products such as varnished woods and unbreakable glass. So, it’s both safe and elegant, because our dogs deserve nothing but the best.

Every dog loves a game of fetch, no one can deny that. But playing with our beloved pets can get a bit tiring sometimes. Other times, we simply don’t have the time to do so after a heavy work’s day. That’s when “K-9 Kannon Tennis Ball Launcher” comes to your rescue. This launcher makes sure that your pet gets in proper shape. So, just load, cock, and fire away.

In case you find it hard to keep an eye on your pet in your busy schedule, the Go Pro Fetch Dog Harness is exactly what you need. It’s waterproof, it’s easily adjustable and fits every dog exceeding 33 pounds. Plus, it’s a great way of seeing the world from your pet’s point of view.

lazy felines lying around the house could surely benefit from a little exercise. You can buy one of these Whack-A-Mole games to polish your feline’s wild instincts. With a mouse-like creature at the bottom of this box, this game would keep your cat on its toes. Watching your pet cat go wild playing this game is the cherry on top!

Cats are known for their wild, destructive behavior around the furniture in your house. They will scratch anything and everything. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it. Having this sofa saver in your house would help you minimize the risk of damage on your furniture. To make sure that it doesn’t stand out from your furniture, this tool is placed within the edges of your sofa, and comes in a wide range of colors.

Most likely, your dog hates bath time. Dogs usually need to be either dragged or tricked into getting a shower. But not anymore! This shower stall is a must-have if you own a dog who hates getting cleaned up. This shower stand fits dogs of all sizes and is equipped with 16 jet nozzles, giving your dog a therapeutic and relaxing bath. Moreover, it gives your pet some much needed privacy and saves your bathroom from their stench.

As you probably know, the heat can take a massive toll on your pet. This Dog Cooler Vest is a smart choice for those extremely hot summer days. Just dip this device in cold water, wring it out and strap it to your dog, and you two are ready for a day full of adventure.

“Walking in style” would be your horse’s motto after wearing these comfortable Reebucks. Not only are these extremely comfortable, but they are really chic too. Designers have also developed custom-made horse boots for your pet horses to give them an Uber cool southern look.

In many vintage pictures, we come across pilots wearing protection glasses. So it’s safe to assume that when a company was running an experiment that involved birds, they’d also get the little fellas to wear protective glasses too. In this experiment, researchers wanted to determine how air dispersed while a bird took flight, which is why the testing bird was given these goggles. But what started as an experiment is now a fashion accessory for pet birds.