25 Funny Notes That Could Only Have Been Written By Parents.

25 Funny Notes That Could Only Have Been Written By Parents. August 20, 2018

Parenting isn’t always fun and games. Unfortunately, most of parenting is serious business. With that said, parents have to take advantage of all the potential silly moments they have. This includes situations where notes are written and left behind. Best time to leave a note? When you’re leaving your kids home alone! The idea of them being in the household all by themselves without adult supervision can be pretty horrifying, but at least you can leave them a note! When writing your note, you have to remember to be creative. Extra points for parents who include drawings or added images.Once one earns it, one will receive.

But it looks like it all worked out here.

Maybe she needs to talk to you about something else? Maybe…

But her friends are probably wondering why her dad’s so weird.

I hope he learned his lesson.

Nice touch using a post-it note that advertises The Hangover.

If he tells you to clean up your kitchen mess, you do it.

But it sounds like he knows his stuff. Maybe Mom should be concerned.

How about all of the above?

You do have to admit, this is pretty clever.

But in all situations, parents override any rule.

The drawing was a nice touch.

If only they were able to tell apart real flowers from fake ones. You can’t have it all.

The machete has been approved.

And she’s not kidding, never take what she says lightly.

And it actually worked, they didn’t wake up until 10:06!

Yup, it makes sense.

This is one of those situations.

We’re praying for you, ma!

And clown him.

Can’t get any simpler than this.

Thanks Mom for making sure I was well informed.

Neither does it stop stomach growling.

Wouldn’t leave a note in any other way.

So make sure to always eat your sandwiches or unicorns will go extinct!