25 Parent-Child Tattoo Ideas That BOTH Of You Will Love.

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You make me happy when skies are grey.

We live in a society where tattoos used to be looked down upon. The younger crowd was who typically got inked most of the time and the older crowd would usually bicker or complain. With that being said, I am so proud of the society we live in today – being less prejudice towards people who do have ink on them. Granted, many parents are still very much against their children getting tattooed. That’s what makes these parents below so awesome. Definitely more moms than dads were found with matching tattoos with their kids. Maybe moms are the more spontaneous ones? Whatever it may be, these shared tattoos below have given the moms and their daughters a special bond that will last forever.
Jenny J. Mick

Two elephants showing their love as they intwine their trunks.

Korryn Beebe

For the mother and daughter who share an intricate relationship.

Nichole Eryn Bradley

An ever-lasting bond.


To represent how beautifully your relationship evolved.

Tianna Alder

Because moms will always be there to listen.


Two birds who will always find their way back to each other's side.


Couldn't be any more straight forward.

Anchors to represent they keep each other grounded.


Sometimes simplicity is best.

Xanthe Swanepoel

Because mama always gotta have the last word.

Cassidy Shay

A big arrow and a baby arrow to represent the parent and the baby.


Perfect for a parent and child who watched Winnie the Pooh together all the time.


Bumble bees that when placed together, will always be in each other's pathways.


For the mother and daughter who have creative souls.

Jaycie Ewing

To symbolize a mother and daughter's merging of opposites.


Because they complete each other's puzzle.

Joleen Kistulentz

Intricate keys to each other's hearts.

Because you're the peanut butter to my jelly.

Betzy Eaton

Soaring together for life.


Because mama hen will always love baby chick.

Independent Tattoo

Halves of mandala so that when placed together, it shows unity.

I love you in ASL (American Sign Language).

Summer Marie

An eternal pinky promise to always love each other.

Although not as common, fathers and sons get matching tattoos too!

This one is to represent each of them investing money in the Bitcoin stock.