19 Tweets About Kids That Hilariously Sum Up The Struggle Of Parenting.

19 Tweets About Kids That Hilariously Sum Up The Struggle Of Parenting. August 11, 2018

You never really know what to expect from children until you actually become a parent. Although every child is different, it does seem like most parenting experiences are quite similar. Some people can’t wait to start a family and dive into parenthood while others are a little more cautious and fearful of the experience. No matter what you’re expecting, you usually get more than whatever you expected. Thanks to a few parents who’ve taken the liberty of posting their honest opinions and experiences on Twitter however, we can kind of a build an insight to what parenthood is like.

7: I’m beating you! Me: Ok. 7: I’m way ahead! Me: I see that. 7: I’m gonna win! Me:…. My son on the carousel horse in front of me. — Master of Mediocrity (@charliedelta7) March 13, 2016

My son got mad at me yesterday and opened all the bananas in the house. What type of passive aggressive monster… — Victor Pope Jr (@VictorPopeJr) March 9, 2016

Watching “Frozen” again with my daughter because we paid $19.99 to download it so she’s going to fucking watch it every day until college. — Michael Ian Black (@michaelianblack) March 9, 2014

3yo (in bathroom): Mummy, can I put this sticker on Daddy’s card? Me (in bed): Yes. 3yo: Will he love it? Me: Yes. — Sarah Dempster (@Dempster2000) June 21, 2015

->**Kids can be so creative with regular household items around the house. It’s them that we should get our DIY inspiration from.**<-

Today was crazy hair day at my lil cousins school and this is what her mom did to her she’s so extra I love it — Lil Ugly (@_0k4y) April 25, 2016

It was princess day at dance and one little girl came as a hot dog I have never admired someone more — Grayson Lamontagne (@graysonl3) May 9, 2016

She’s been talking into the vent for a while At first I thought it was cute Now I’m afraid someone is talking back — Exploding Unicorn (@XplodingUnicorn) May 11, 2016

Most kids have a stuffed animal or blankie. My niece has one of those plastic owls u put outside to scare away birds — pat tobin (@tastefactory) April 10, 2016

->**Other times, kids can just be plain weird or flat out creepy. Why else would this kid willingly decide to sleep with such a thing.**<-

My 11-year old’s birthday card to me. #blessed — Brian Sack (@brian_sack) October 5, 2015

This kid asked me for some skittles but I had just finished them so he stared at me like this the entire flight — kanye (@HussSrour) September 3, 2015

6: Daddy, I’m mad at you. Me: What for? 6: I’m not telling you. She’s already a woman. — Rich Cromwell (@rcromwell4) March 3, 2016

When your child and your dog disappear upstairs for an hour, you should totally be suspicious. — EuroKate™ (@KateOfHysteria) June 20, 2016

->**Consider this a warning to never let your child out of your sight for anymore than 5 seconds. All sorts of things could happen. Literally, ANYTHING.**<-

I was spitting sunflower seeds out the window on the way home but I guess they found their way back in the car.. — mia simper. (@MiaSimper101) June 26, 2016

4: Mommy, you’re just like a Disney movie. We should play pretend. Me: Aww! Sure! 4:You can be the Beast. Me: … 4: Or the fat sea witch! — Marlebean (@Marlebean) April 17, 2014

A group of kids is called a migraine. — ginger. (@Freckledgingerb) September 4, 2014

Me: We’ve taken 1,000 pics. We’re never going to get all 4 kids smiling at once. Wife: Fine. Just pick the best one — Exploding Unicorn (@XplodingUnicorn) March 27, 2016

->**Having just one kid is rough, but having multiple at the same time? Let’s take a moment of silence to commemorate parents who have a household of more than one child.**<-

No DNA test needed. I’m sure she’s mine. — Exploding Unicorn (@XplodingUnicorn) December 13, 2015

My 3yo “accidentally” unspooled the entire roll of toilet paper. But don’t worry, he “fixed” it. — ReasonsMySonIsCrying (@ReasonsMySonCry) October 24, 2014

My 4-year-old gets her parenting skills from me. — Exploding Unicorn (@XplodingUnicorn) June 30, 2016

Before I had kids, I didn’t even know it was possible to destroy an entire house with a granola bar. — Lurk @ Home Mom (@LurkAtHomeMom) October 3, 2014

->**I just want to thank each and every person for their honest tweets. If these tweets don’t perfectly describe the beauty of parenting, I don’t know what will.**<-

watching the kids play hide and seek in the park and mine just hid behind a chain link fence at least we don’t have to save for college — Josh (@iwearaonesie) January 27, 2014

I think my kid just declared prostitution a government service. — Lou Whiteman (@louwhiteman) March 26, 2015

I just want someone who looks at me the way my brother looks at ketchup — Anicca (@13adh13) January 23, 2016

*Mary Poppins voice* Ok, children! Time to go! [15 min later] *Batman voice* I said let’s go. — Lurk @ Home Mom (@LurkAtHomeMom) November 5, 2015

Ben thinks this is him and won’t let go of the diapers ? — BatRose (@SleeplesssInKy) June 24, 2016