Parenthood Has A New Hero. His Name Is Samuel And His Story Is Heartbreaking.

Parenthood Has A New Hero. His Name Is Samuel And His Story Is Heartbreaking. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

One of the most beautiful events in the world, is the birth of a child. For Samuel Forrest the birth of his first child, a son named Leo, has taken an unforeseen turn. Leo was born in a hospital in Armenia. Armenia is a small country in Eastern Europe where it is considered a shame on a family to have a child with a disability or disfigurement. Many children born with disabilities in Armenia are abandoned at the hospital and sent to orphanages to live out there lives. Leo was born with Down’s Syndrome. When he was brought out to see his father, the hospital staff had Leo covered and told Samuel of the disability. His wife told him that if he did not agree to give the child up she would abandon the child and divorce him. Samuel held his precious child and has refused to give him up. His wife has now filed for divorce and Samuel is now left to raise Leo on his own. Samuel and Leo are going to move back to New Zealand to be with Samuel’s family and to start their lives together. To get the resources necessary for Samuel and Leo to return home to New Zealand and to help fund the care of Leo, a site for donations has been setup: [Bring Leo Home][1]. Some of the funds will also be used to set-up programs and facilities in Armenia to help other parents of children with disabilities. They had hoped to raise $60,000. The site has already received pledges totaling over $300,000. [1]: http://www.gofundme.com/bringleohome

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