Parents Celebrate Their Son’s First Birthday Dunder Mifflin Style.

Parents Celebrate Their Son’s First Birthday Dunder Mifflin Style. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

As parents, we tend to teach our children everything that we know about life. We teach them how to walk, how to talk, and how to share with others. We show them our favorite music and have them taste our comfort foods. It seems that children will go along with just about anything that their parents show them. If you’re in the mood for a laugh, keep reading to find out how these parents turned their favorite show into an amazing party for their child.“My husband and I love ‘The Office’ and have rewatched it many times, including throughout my pregnancy and even while I was in labor,” explained Alyssa. If you’ve ever seen “The Office” then you understand the appeal.

“When my son was first born and throughout his first few months that was the only ‘white noise’ that would soothe him. If ‘The Office’ was playing in the background he was calm, if we switched it to music or any other TV show he’d fuss and become unsettled until we changed it back to ‘The Office,'” said Alyssa. He likes the show so much that he dances when the theme song comes on, and sometimes, he’ll even kiss the screen!

Their love for the show goes much deeper than most. So, they took their fandom and turned it into something a bit magical. They decided to plan a first birthday party for their son that would never be forgotten!

They even held off on his first haircut because it was the perfect haircut for Dwight! “My husband Mckenna has always jokingly parted Lakeston’s hair down the middle when I’m not looking because he thinks it’s hilarious when I notice and roll my eyes and tell him to stop making him look like Dwight,” said Alyssa.

Even their son helped out with the planning. “He kissed all of the food label memes as I made them too so even though he doesn’t understand the references at all he definitely recognizes the characters,” said Alyssa.

“We tried to think of as many significant food references throughout the series that would also make good food for a party and it was super easy to put together!” explained Alyssa.

How creative is that? They even tipped it over to make it a little bit more realistic like the time when Kevin fell and spilled his pot of chili on the floor.

Remember “The Office” cheese puffs competition? We imagine that these were one of the favorites at the party. Hopefully, they took pictures of everyone with cheese dust on their faces!

“My mom played a huge part in helping the vision of the party come to life, contributing ideas and making the cake, cupcakes, the cake pop meatballs – if it weren’t for her the party would’ve been a huge flop,” explained Alyssa.

You obviously can’t deny the love they have for “The Office.” They even included Michael Scott’s Orange-vod-juice-ka, virgin style, of course.

But he was a bit confused about the cake. “Lakeston actually tried drinking from the cake smash mug before digging into it which I thought was hilarious and adorable,” mentioned Alyssa. What a silly little guy!

“Some of the people that attended really got into the theme as well and they wore shirts with quotes from the office on them, which was awesome!” It really is awesome, Alyssa. You sure do have some fun friends!

“I’ve really never been much of a party person, but I loved how it turned out and had so much fun planning it, but my favorite part was watching my little one year old enjoy himself surrounded by so many people that love him and of course having a blast digging into his cake!” she said.

“If you’d like to plan a similar party, my advice is do as much as you can ahead of time, have fun with it and be creative, and of course watch lots of episodes of ‘The Office.’” That shouldn’t be too hard to do, especially if you’re already a fan!

You did a great job Alyssa and McKenna! Oh yeah, Happy Birthday, Lakeston, you have some very cool parents by your side!

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