Parents Turned Their Son’s Healthy Food Into His Favorite Cartoon Characters.

Parents Turned Their Son’s Healthy Food Into His Favorite Cartoon Characters. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Getting kids to eat healthy food can be very difficult. At such a young age, they don’t care about being healthy or watching their figures. All they want is simple and delicious food. But don’t give up and succumb to a fast food breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Be creative! That’s what Jacob’s parents did. They decided to think out of the box and came up with a creative way to keep their son eating healthy and organic food. They transformed his meals into famous cartoon characters! Check out some of the creative cartoon meals below.Wild salmon accompanied with a side of soba noodles (dyed with squid ink) and vegetables.

A spaghetti bolognese cauldron with wholemeal wrap garlic with a cheese bread and mash potato on the side.

A cheese sandwich accompanied with blueberries, apples, cucumber and dates.

A spinach mash with free range chicken, wholemeal wrap, medjool dates and chia seeds. Spinach has never looked so good.

A dish of spelt waffles with spelt puffs, coconut, raspberries and blueberries.

Free range chicken with potato mash dyed with beetroot, asparagus and carrots.

Waffles combined with spelt chocolate pancakes, dragon fruit, blueberries and banana.

Ham off the bone served with turkey, pork, potato salad, crackle and cranberry sauce. The perfect Christmas leftover meal!

A simple cucumber and avocado sushi with salmon on the side. Perfect for the Halloween season.

Scrumptious spelt donuts with banana, raspberry, and blueberry on top of a macadamia smoothie.

A savory shepard’s pie filled with grassfed beef and vegetables.

A beetroot spelt burger (cold pressed beetroot juice used to colour the burger) with grass fed beef.

Avocado and eggs on top of toast. Even simple meals can be turned into something!

A delicious salmon served on top of a quinoa salad and potato.

Coconut sticky rice balls stuffed with shredded free range chicken and veggies ( red cabbage, purple carrots, cold pressed kale juice and saffron have been used to dye rice).

Dill rice with broadbeans, grass fed beef and a toasted wholemeal wrap. The rice was dyed by being cooked in cold pressed kale juice.

Organic eggs served with avocado on toast with capsicum.

Marinated free range chicken combined with corn and mash potato. Charlie’s shoelaces are made out of black bean pasta.

Slow roasted lamb shoulder accompanied with wholemeal wrap and vegetable share platter.

Spotted spelt, cocoa and saffron cake on top of a bed of blueberries and medjool dates.

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