18 DIY Party Favors For Adults, #7 Is Great For Your Friend’s Fire Pit.

18 DIY Party Favors For Adults, #7 Is Great For Your Friend’s Fire Pit. June 5, 2017

If you’ve planned a party recently, you know the importance of offering your guests a great favor at the end. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, or shower, guests appreciate a favor that is thoughtful, creative, and festive, and offering a guest a token of your appreciation for coming is the sign of a good host. However, creating a good party favor is harder than it looks, and sometimes, favors totally miss the mark. With these 18 creative ideas, you’ll be the hit of the party- even after the party is over. Check out these unique and fun favor ideas below – Wouldn’t you love to receive a favor like #14?These make an excellent wedding favor, because they are extremely popular right now and also budget-friendly. Plus, your guests will love heading home with a growing plant that is also a symbol of your growing love.

These work great for children’s themed parties, and every child would love to take one of these home as a favor. Furthermore, if you’re trying to teach your child how to save his pennies? These awesome mason jar superhero banks will give them all the incentive they need to stash their change. Plus, you can customize them to your child’s favorite superhero.

These party favors are inexpensive to make, and the letters corresponding with your guests’ names are a nice personal touch. You can find all the supplies, including the wooden letters and chalkboard paint, at your local craft store.

An adult party requires adult favors, and your guests will flip over these adorable mason jar cocktail sets. The sets include everything they need for a cocktail, and you can even customize them to your guest’s drink of choice.

These party favors are cheap to make, and they are incredibly easy to put it together. They’ll look amazing on your party table, as well as on your guest’s tree branches later on.

For guests who are hard to decipher, these tea favors are sure to please. Mix up the varieties, or send your guests home with a tea medley.

These favors are great for a Christmas party, and they smell amazing and festive when used in the fireplace.

You would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t love these childhood favorites, and everyone will appreciate being sent home with one or two of these delicious favors.

These little kits are handy, budget-friendly, and easy to put together. These are favors that will be a hit with both children and adults.

If your guests appreciate the quirkier things in life, put together these adorable woodland terrariums and hand them out at the end of your party.

Everyone loves getting sent home with wine, but they’ll love it even more if you take the time to personalize the bottle with their names.

Wine charms are cute, but this personalization of each guest’s wine glass is even better. Simply dip the base of the glass in chalkboard paint, allow to dry, and add the names. For even more fun, allow your guests to write their names themselves.

These no-fuss favors look a lot fancier than they actually are, and you can customize the colors of the candy to match the theme of your party.

This is an adorable idea for a party favor at a bachelorette soiree, wedding shower, or even a girl’s birthday party. These are incredibly easy to put together as well, and you can find manicure sets for cheap prices at local dollar stores.

If your guests prefer to have their toes polished, this set is a great favor to offer at your party. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can make both manicure and pedicure sets and allow your guests to choose.

Keep it simple with these festive paper cones, which can be used to store any number of party favors. We love the idea of having these, full of popcorn, at a movie night.

These are a perfect favor for a spring or summer garden party. The best part? In addition to looking cute in a pencil jar, they’re actually useful.

Let’s face it: The best kinds of party favors are almost always edible. If you want to send your guest home with cookies or candies, try packaging them in these amazing DIY boxes.