Passengers On Flight From Hell Regretted Not Keeping Their Seatbelts Fastened.

Passengers On Flight From Hell Regretted Not Keeping Their Seatbelts Fastened. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

If you’re a fan of “Grey’s Anatomy” then you already know that Meredith Grey has the worst luck when she boards a plane. Well, this season, she was stuck with a fellow love interest on-board a plane, which hit some nasty turbulence and caused several injuries. So Meredith and Riggs had to perform some serious surgery on a guy and it was literally a bloody mess. Well, turbulence doesn’t just cause a lot of drama on television. It can have the same effect in real life too, but it isn’t nearly as entertaining. Just ask the passengers on-board a recent Aeroflot flight from Russia to Thailand, which turned into a living nightmare.The turbulence was so bad that it threw passengers all over the cabin on this fateful flight from Russia to Thailand.

Most of the food wound up on the floor after the turbulence smacked the plane repeatedly. But we doubt anyone would have been hungry after such a terrifying ordeal, though they might have needed a change of clothes.

En route from Moscow to Bangkok, people suffered some serious injuries, including several broken bones.

It’s pretty surprising that things weren’t ten times worse given that the turbulence hurled people up against the ceiling before they dropped to the ground violently.

Babies were thrown out of their mother’s arms by the force and people walking in the aisles were injured as well.

But the plane had encountered numerous air pockets an hour before they were to land in Bangkok, which is surprisingly not an uncommon occurrence, but it rarely causes this much carnage.

Luggage from the overhead compartments had fallen on passengers, causing injuries. They also opened up leaving the mixed belongings of several people strewn all around the cabin.

Babies and adults were covered in bruises. There were also lots of people suffering from internal and external bleeding. Some folks even lost consciousness from their injuries.

As soon as the news broke out of the problem on-board the Boeing 777, the deputy head reported that the injured passengers, both Russian foreigners, suffered multiple fractures.

But the flight crew kept the plane under control long enough to safely land in the Thai capital, where help was waiting for their arrival.

Most of them were simply trying to deal with their injuries. Some even tried helping other passengers until they landed.

But others had suffered some serious spinal injuries and contusions as well as fractured bones and other costly injuries.

But the passengers claim that there had been no order to return to their seats and fasten their seat belts.

When some of the people landed, they were thrown into the space between the chairs which caused them to suffer some serious traumas.

“The pilot has more than 23 thousand flight hours, and the co-pilot has over 10,500 flight hours,” claims Aeroflot.

However, given that the incident occurred on board the plane, the airline has agreed to pay all of the medical costs for the injured passengers.

The incident is known as clear-air turbulence, which means that there are no clouds, the skies are clear, and weather radar can’t detect these air pockets. So this explains why the flight crew didn’t warn passengers to return to their seats.

Aside from offloading pieces of cargo and luggage, they also saw to it that the injured were immediately taken out of the plane where ambulances awaited for their arrival.

It showed the cabin in a state of disarray, which is certainly not how this otherwise orderly and organized cabin interior looked like before the plane took off.

A source claimed that 19 people had to be hospitalized, with two undergoing urgent surgery in the E.R. But other than some serious fear of flying, there were no fatalities.

Click play to take a look at this carnage in the sky, but once you see it, you’ll probably never board a plane again.

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