Paul Walker’s Daughter Has Grown Up, What She Says About Her Dad Is So Moving.

Paul Walker’s Daughter Has Grown Up, What She Says About Her Dad Is So Moving. June 27, 2018

When a celebrity dies, your reaction to it is almost always measured in direct correlation to how big of a fan you were of their work. To us, celebrities are just characters: We don’t really know who they are, just what we can assume based on the characters they play. But when you really think about it, you realize that celebrities are so much more than the roles they assume on screen: They’re people with rich lives outside of the spotlight, families who depend on them, and an entire universe of loved ones left behind when they pass. Take, for instance, the particularly sad story of actor Paul Walker. Known for his role in the *Fast & Furious* franchise, Walker’s life came to an abrupt end back in 2011. Naturally, fans were devastated. Even people unfamiliar with his work took notice, as he died at a tragically young age. But there’s one person to whom Walker’s death meant more to than anyone else: His daughter Meadow. Find out how she’s keeping her father’s legacy alive in the story below.Walker was in a horrific car accident, wherein his vehicle crashed into a tree and burst into flames. The violent accident took his life, as well as the life of a friend who was in the car.

Walker made a name for himself starring in the “Fast & Furious” series, so the fact that he died in an accident seemed like an unfair twist of fate.

Here, Tyrese breaks down in tears during his emotional visit to the site of the tragic car accident in Santa Clarita, California during a memorial for Walker.

Vin Diesel had some particularly emotional words about Paul at the time of his passing.

Meadow was only 15 when she lost her father in this accident.

Friends say that Meadow meant everything to Walker, and that she was always his number one priority.

Fans lost their favorite movie star, but Meadow lost the only father she’ll ever have. It’s incredibly sad to think about.

Although she certainly has to work through the grief, every single day. It’s not something that one ever fully gets over.

She just graduated from high school, and has some exciting things planned for her future.

It’s an organization which would help rescue endangered and abused sea animals, which was one of her father’s many passions.

And by continuing his good work, she feels she can accomplish that goal.

It was a way for Meadow to keep her father’s legacy alive. Many didn’t realize that Paul was a vocal humanitarian and activist, who constantly assisted in the betterment of animals in need, as well as natural disaster victims.

“He was proud of Meadow,” her grandfather said. “Every day of her life. She’s a stunning girl… very graceful. When you watch Meadow, it’s not like she walks, she glides. Her mother [Paul’s ex-girlfriend Rebecca Soteros] is that way, and Paul was, too.”

Her mom, Rebeccas Soteros, was having some problems with alcohol. Walker begged his parents to take Meadow, ensuring that she’d have a normal life.

The details are pretty unclear, but it’s known that up until his death, Walker never stopped fighting for the chance for his daughter to have a calm, normal teenage life.

And things in the family understandably got more tense than ever.

She was grieving her father, dealing with rifts in the family, and most likely trying to figure out how to keep his legacy alive in the midst of it all. It left fans to wonder how Walker’s daughter would get through it all.

And because of her determination in the face of tragedy, the world will never forget what a generous man and proud advocate Walker was when he was alive.

A movie star with devilish good looks, leaning up against a slick car.

Her dad, whom she hopes to make proud by living her life with the same purpose as he did.