Two Kitchen Ingredients That Are Better Than A $50 Pedicure.

Two Kitchen Ingredients That Are Better Than A $50 Pedicure. March 6, 2019

There’s nothing more unsightly than having dry, ashy, or scaly feet, especially with spring just around the corner. You want to be able to wear your open toed shoes or flip-flops without feeling like people are judging the way your feet look. This doesn’t just apply to women. Men’s feet can look pretty gross too. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to spend money on regular pedicures, and a lot of guys find that getting one emasculates them. Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy solution that can make your feet look absolutely amazing, and the ingredients might be in your kitchen right now.Dried and cracked feet aren’t just eyesores, they can also physically hurt too. Besides, no one likes to show off their dried feet full of bunions. It’s not just a bad idea to go out looking like that, it’s unheard of, and you shouldn’t have to.

All you need are 3 to 4 cups of milk, which should be right in your fridge unless you’re living alone and are lactose intolerant.

It can get rid of unsightly looking ankles like this, which would normally make anyone nauseous, and not necessarily because of the smell. But look how nice and smooth the ankle on the right looks. Tell us you don’t want to try this right now?

Your first step will be to warm up the milk on the stove. But don’t worry. You won’t have to boil the flesh of your bones to get nice looking feet.

Once you have that, pour the hot milk into a bowl and then stir in the baking soda very slowly. Then you simply have to wait until the milk has cooled down a bit, or you’ll have bigger problems than dry feet.

So let your feet soak in this solution for about 10 minutes. Then just rinse the cream off your feet and dry it gently with a towel.

Your feet will feel softer and cleaner than they’ve ever been since the day you were born. But best of all, you’ll never have to take another trip to a spa or spend an insane amount of money ever again, courtesy of this baking soda/milk miracle solution.

But most of us certainly don’t want to wear heavy black boots in the middle of summer either. So this solution will give your feet the perfect aesthetic boost that it needs.

You’ll find that a lot of dead skin will come off a lot easier when you do this while your feet are soaked in the milk, and you definitely owe it to your feet, who work so hard to keep you up. So give them a good pampering.

All you have to do is start by soaking your toes in the milk for about five minutes. Then grab the baking soda and sprinkle it lightly over the foot bath. We suggest that you perform this nifty little trick on your feet at least once a week to get the desired results and to prevent your feet from digressing to their earlier nasty selves.

You just need to move the baking soda around the bowl using your feet. This will help work the amazing foot scrubbing magic that will rejuvenate them. Prepare to say goodbye to those blisters, blemishes, calluses and rough skin, because they’ll be no more once you take advantage of this foot soak. Then you can take those sandals and flip-flops when summer arrives.

Massage plenty of the mixture into these particular areas, and if necessary, use your hands to apply and rub the baking soda on those rough parts. Your feet will look as healthy as they feel every time you do this, because you’re so worth it.

So work the mixture well on the tops of your feet. But once you’re done scrubbing, sit back and watch your favorite TV show and let your feet soak for about five more minutes before cleaning them and drying them thoroughly. Trust us, you’re not going to get that type of treatment at a beauty salon.