People Who Learned The Hard Way Never To Order A Prom Dress Online.

People Who Learned The Hard Way Never To Order A Prom Dress Online. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

There are a lot of pros and cons to shopping online. Although it is more convenient and usually a much wider selection, you’re not able to try the garment on or see how it looks in person until you actually receive it a few days later (sometimes even weeks). What’s worse than receiving clothes that don’t fit or don’t look like what you were expecting: the returning process. It’s even worse if the garment you bought was for a special occasion, like prom. A lot of the times, purchasing online isn’t too bad. Unfortunately, that was not the case for the following girls who were hoping to look like princesses on the biggest night of their high school life.Just look at that cheap fabric on the skirting! The top looks okay but the bottom part needs some tailoring.

And what’s with all those stars on the dress?

Did you really think you were going to receive the same exact dress Blake Lively wore on the red carpet?????

Both dresses look hideous.

So just get to prom early to stand on a chair, and you’re good for the rest of the night. But you won’t be able to move for the entire event.

If only the measurements were a little more spot on, the dress wouldn’t be that bad.

Maybe try taking it to the tailor?

Not the expectation but can be tweaked to look better.

Just look at the neckline! My condolences to this girl.

But regardless, the color and embellishment are definitely off.

But at the same time, it looks like it fits on the bottom but doesn’t on top. This dress was destined for doom.

Imagine if there was no black bra underneath.

Even the material looks drastically different!

Why would something that top quality looking be available for a prom dress price?

ESPECIALLY if it’s for an important event such as prom.

And receive it broken into two. It doesn’t even look like it would look like the original photo after put together.

But at least it covered her boobs?

Those sparkles are way too big and perfectly spaced out compared to the original.

I wouldn’t want to go to prom anymore either if I had this dress.

From a wedding to a Halloween trick-or-treating outing.

The one on the right looks like it’s worth $20.

Solution: cut out the bra pods and wear a skin-tone bra.

Right side: looks like a lame Disney princess costume for kids.

She said something about wanting her gauze cloth back.

Girls should just stick to trying on dresses at an actual store.

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