People Who Thought They’d Met A Celebrity, But Definitely Didn’t.

People Who Thought They’d Met A Celebrity, But Definitely Didn’t. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Spotting a celebrity out in public is very rare. They never want to attract attention so they’re usually in disguise or have bodyguards to protect them. But we did not say it’s impossible. A celebrity sighting is very much possible, it just doesn’t happen very often. That’s why when you see someone who you think is a celebrity in public, you should always triple check before approaching. There’s no point in asking for a photo and autograph only to find out later that you were fooled by an imposter — unlike all the following people. However, in their defense, some of these imposters look like they could be the celebrities’ dopplegangers.If the answer’s Chuck Norris, you better reevaluate your photo.

So you can breathe, take it easy!

Furthermore, it’s more likely that it isn’t him if he’s wearing that ensemble out in public.

That man looks NOTHING like Bruno Mars.

He even put it on his Snapchat story! How incredibly embarrassing…

Only Marvel fans can accurately spot out Stan Lee.

But really though, we can see a slight resemblance for the James Franco but Mark Wahlberg?? Really?

Didn’t know you could find Robert Downy Jr. in a small town Texas mall.

Now the question is whether or not to break the bad news to him.

But c’mon, you can tell this guy’s way younger.

Nice try though! He does have a slight resemblance in the face.

We’re sure these two girls made this imposter’s day though.

How could one ever be so lucky?

Or did you just ask for a photo without asking if he’s really a Bush?

But sorry buddy, the great hulk is a lot bigger than this dude.

But if you’re searching for unicorns, you’re bound to bump into Steve’s ghost, right?

Second of all, that is definitely not him! Good try though.

Good thing the real Brandon Banks came forward.

Could be his long lost twin brother though… someone get a hold of Blake!

Looks more like you got Peter’s stunt double.

Wow, Edward, Bella AND Jacob?! Was it a Hollywood party?

But shame on this fake Marilyn Manson for not correcting him!

People really should google images of celebrities before asking strangers for photos.

So has anyone told him yet that that’s not Vin Diesel?

But it’s ok, anybody would have been fooled with those flames tattooed on his wrist.

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