25+ Examples Of "Right Place, Right Shirt, Right Time."

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Every “Saturday Night Live” viewer from the ‘90s should be familiar with the phrase “Suck it, Trebek.”

Blame it on fate or the stars aligning, but sooner or later, life will serve one of its little surprises on a proverbial silver platter. In this case, it will serve it to people in the form of some clever t-shirts. That’s right! Now there are some people who are in the right place at the right time but these folks were wearing the perfect t-shirt at the perfect time. In fact, the folks on this list might have to thank their t-shirts for their 5 minutes of fame after their encounter with the legend that inspired their themed t-shirts.Will Ferrell played Trebek during SNL’s Jeopardy skits, and he used the iconic phrase on this t-shirt a lot. But Alex Trebek doesn’t seem quite as amused to being told to suck it by this happy-go-lucky fan. She’ll take epic fail for 100, Alex.

Baseball pitcher for the Houston Astros Justin Verlander is no stranger to running into fans of all ages.

But in this case, he must have looked at the back of this kid’s shirt and thought, “I shall call you, Mini-Me!” We’re willing to bet this young man in front of him got the shock of his life when he turned around and came face to face with his idol.
Justin Verlander and his smallest fan.

Imagine wearing a Nick Offerman shirt one day and then actually running into the actor himself.

Nick Offerman is best known as Ron from the NBC sitcom “Parks and Recreation.” Ironically, the shirt was a gift from a friend. What are the odds that his friends would have run into the real Nick Offerman? Mind blown!

This guy’s t-shirt and photo proves that if you put your wish on a t-shirt, it will eventually come true.

All he wanted was the chance to shake the hand of one of the most amazing movie producers in Hollywood history. Lucky for him, he got the chance to do just that when he ran into his idol at Comic-Con.

You have to give this “Game of Thrones” fans kudos for wearing the shirt of a simpleminded servant.

Hodor worked the stables and served the House of Stark at Winterfell. But imagine running into the actor who plays him, Kristian Nairn? It must have been quite an experience to run into this tall fellow at a convention.

What are the odds of running into actress Sharon Stone while walking around in Tel Aviv?

This lucky person was out and about but wearing a “Basic Instinct” t-shirt when she ran into the film’s leading actress. They probably bragged about this chance encounter a lot on social media, and who could blame them?

George Takei probably wondered what it’d be like to be so famous that there’s a t-shirt with his face.

So, when he saw this guy wearing a t-shirt with his face on it, he probably gasped and said “Oh my!” It looks like they both made each other’s day. The fan got to meet his idol and George received a serious ego boost.

We’re sure that Arnold Schwarzenegger already knows he’s number one, but just in case, he didn’t...

This fan wore a t-shirt that reminded the “Terminator” star that he’s number one. But after taking on Skynet, Predator, and California, this Austrian-American movie hero certainly deserves the love from this fan.

We don’t know if there’s an official bromance going on between Macaulay Culkin and Ryan Gosling.

These two certainly have us wondering if they’re each other’s number one fans. Judging from the fact they’re wearing t-shirts of each other it’s a safe bet that they’re totally proud of their mutual platonic love.

He might just be a little boy, but he definitely has a lot of swag and a lot of luck thanks to this shirt.

Wearing a shirt that said “Sorry girls I only date supermodels” was the ultimate model magnet. It caught the attention of Victoria's Secret model, Rosie Huntington who turned his wildest young dream into a reality.

This woman, who’s a big fan of “Parks and Recreation” was wearing her “Li’l Sebastian” shirt.

For those of you who have never seen the show, Chris Pratt’s character Andy sang a tribute song to “Li’l Sebastian.” So, one day, while wearing the t-shirt, someone yelled at her “hey nice shirt.” When she turned around, she realized it was Chris Pratt and her heart stopped.

Some people put on a t-shirt with a message that seemed to know the day was going to turn out bad.

These guys didn’t meet a celebrity, but they did manage to drive their boat straight into a marshy dead-end. And we have to say that the wording on that guy’s t-shirt pretty much says it all about this situation.

This guy was wearing a t-shirt that said “I Wish This Was Nathan Fillion” and this time it actually was.

This shirt proves that if you wish for something hard enough it really can become a reality. Of course, this wasn’t really a coincidence since he met Nathan Fillion at a photo-op at a convention. But who cares? It’s Nathan Fillion!

T-shirts don’t always have to have a special meaning because a style says a lot about who you idolize.

Just ask this guy who was totally twinning (well, his plaid shirt was anyway) with “The Lord of the Rings” actor Elijah Woods. Frodo’s been to Mordor and back and faced countless foes, but this eager fan’s fashion style was too much for the hobbit to handle.

This guy went to a restaurant wearing a black t-shirt with a bust of comedic actor Bill Murray.

But you could say that the real joke was on him because he had no idea he was going to wind up running into Bill Murray himself. Judging from the actor’s genuine smile, it’s safe to say he was very flattered by his young fan’s shirt.

This Sonic the Hedgehog fan never imagined he would get to meet the man behind the epic character.

Then one day, he got stopped while walking in downtown San Francisco wearing a Sonic t-shirt and to his surprise, it was none other than Ryan Drummond, the guy who voices Sonic. We’ll bet Ryan asked him for some coins in exchange for this selfie.

This guy was at the Gallatin Field Airport in Montana when he ran into none other than “The Dude.”

If you haven’t seen “The Big Lebowski,” actor Jeff Bridges played the role of “The Dude,” which happened to be the face this guy was wearing on his shirt. This is one selfie this guy will continue to repost over and over on social media.

Professional baseball player Roy Halladay must also be a spy as he managed to sneak behind this fan.

The guy was wearing Halladay’s shirt but had no clue that the baseball player took this selfie. Seriously, Halladay could have pickpocketed him, and he might not have noticed the 6’6 sports star behind him. It’ll be a total strike out if the guy never gets to see this photo on Twitter.

When Justin Long stopped by the University of Central Florida, it felt like he was in a live commercial.

You all remember those TV commercials where Justin would say “I’m a PC,” don’t you? Well, this student was wearing a t-shirt that used the actor’s signature catchphrase while standing in a parking lot. Coincidence? We think not.

You know you’re in for a fantastic day when you run into “Caddyshack” actor Bill Murray.

This guy was wearing a t-shirt of Bill Murray wearing 3D glasses and lo and behold, he finds the actor himself dressed in camouflage in the background. Thankfully, there was someone on hand to take a selfie, or no one would have believed him.

Having a bird smash through the windshield of your plane is certainly no laughing matter, or is it?

At least the pilot was okay but take a look at what he’s wearing! Is that an “Angry Birds” t-shirt? We’d say so, and it’s kind of ironic since a bird was to blame for this pilot’s flight plans being totally ruined.

Imagine that you’re a huge rock fan who’s on a rock cruise to meet your favorite rock musicians.

But you wind up partying way too much like this guy did and you’re too wasted to even realize that you were in the presence of Led Zeppelin, John Paul Jones, and the Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl. Yup! We’d be pretty peeved too.

Some people like wearing t-shirts that describe the kind of people they are in order to warn others.

Thanks for the warning, kid. But we kind of figure that this was the case judging from the bandages on your hand. The t-shirt just seems a bit superfluous when the truth is staring us right in the freaking face.

You don’t have to ask George Lucas who his favorite “Star Wars” character is since it’s on his shirt.

Second of all, it’s obvious who shot first. It was Han Solo. Duh! But the real coincidence is that Lucas was wearing this t-shirt while chatting in front of Harrison Ford, who played the heroic character in “Star Wars.”

This guy walked around with a Superman shirt under his buttoned-up shirt and Superman wasn’t amused.

The late actor Christopher Reeve played the original movie Superman and he’s looking awfully uncomfortable. Then again, who wouldn’t be if some random guy showed up and started unbuttoning their shirt next to them?

By now George Lucas is used to seeing fans wearing all sorts of “Star Wars” merchandise on the street.

But we’re guessing that the father of “Star Wars” wasn’t a big fan of someone turning the most famous phrase ever uttered in the film series a milky makeover. That would certainly explain why he looks like a grumpy Wookiee in this photo.

Actors Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey from “Game of Thrones” weren’t happy to meet this fan.

We’re guessing Dinklage wasn’t amused that this character was called IMP with a P in the front. We’re not sure his character Tyrion would have liked it much either. And since Headey’s character, Cersei is part of Tyrion’s family, she had to be supportive and look grumpy too.

Buzz Aldrin is famous for being one of the first two humans to land on the moon.

But age hasn’t stopped the former astronaut from being edgy, especially now that he’s sporting a t-shirt that has this inspiring message for his fans. And since he and Neil Armstrong already conquered the moon, he wants the rest of us to conquer Mars.

There’s only one Irish film actor named Andrew Scott and the chance of running into him is rare.

But this gal was wearing this t-shirt and secretly wishing she’d run into the guy who played a priest on the final season of “Fleabag.” Well, after all that wishing and hoping, this girl’s wish was finally granted.

No one really gives a duck if you’re a couple wearing t-shirts with a duck with a chef’s hat on its head.

But to run into an actual duck like the one in the t-shirts? Seriously! What are the odds of that happening? A million to one? We’re assuming they must have been ready for this because it’s not like you can find a chef’s hat the size of a duck’s head at Target.

When you wear a t-shirt with the words Winterfell on it, you tend to attract Arya Stark’s attention.

English actress Maisie Williams, aka Arya Stark on “Game of Thrones” just had to stop by and take a selfie with a fan. But hopefully, House Lannister isn’t tech savvy because as all GOT viewers know, they’re not real fans of House Stark.

Some pet owners love their dogs so much that they decide to put a portrait of them on their t-shirts.

We’re assuming the dog sitting next to her is hers. Otherwise, it’s just a really odd coincidence that a dog would walk by, look at the t-shirt and go “Hey! I have a fan,” and then go sit next to her out of the blue.

Han shot first is about a scene change in “Star Wars” where Han shoots bounty hunter Greedo.

This created some controversy since the final cut didn’t show that Han shot first, so fans, and apparently, Arnold Schwarzenegger are setting the record straight with this t-shirt that clarifies who really pulled the trigger first.

If you’re a football fan, make sure to always show your team spirit by wearing your t-shirt.

This kid was undoubtedly glad that he did when he was out and about and ran into one of his favorite linebackers. This kid might grow up to become a football player himself someday, but he definitely felt like he had scored a touchdown in this photo.