33 Best Photos Ever Taken Without Photoshop.

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Rarely does ice, water, sky, and shadow come together to form a perfect symmetrical photograph.

There are times that we take photos and then we look at them and we go ... meh! But then you take one random photo that looks so perfect and unique that you're totally blown away by it. And while you certainly don't have a clue what you did. You often find yourself in shock because you've somehow created a visual illusion that is just too good to be true. But since many of us aren't privy to gazing at such amazing photos, we're completely mesmerized by this particular collection. Trust us, they're so symmetrical that your brain will go on serious overload.In this case, all four elements seem to come together to form a flawless canvas. We're not kidding! It looks like four photos put together. But it's actually just one photo taken at the right angle and at the right time of day.

David Burdeny

What looks like a split screen capture of a video is actually from a toxic waste flood.

Spanish photographer Palíndromo Mészáros took these photos six months after a Hungarian town experienced a toxic waste flood.

Palíndromo Mészáros

You might think this is some sort of screen cap from "Lord of the Rings," but you'd be mistaken.

It looks like Rivendell, a mythical Elven town mentioned in both the books and the films. But in this photo, the reflection in the water creates a perfect circle that makes it seem almost like some kind of magical portal into a world of fantasy.

A photographer decided to use a mirror shard to create this amazing optical illusion.

It might seem like you're looking at a boat sailing across the water in the far distance, but there isn't actually a crevice beyond those trees. It's just a perfectly crafted trick, but what a lovely photo this makes.

Casey Coulter

You'll get a splitting headache trying to figure out how this rainbow has split high in the sky.

Was photoshopped used? Nope, this is called a fallstreak hole cloud.

David Barton

As far as we know, there's no such thing as a floating forest, but this makes us doubt everything.

The ice sheets have formed on the various branches of these trees. But the angle in which they froze, gives it the appearance that this forest is somewhere up high in the clouds above us.

Imagine being in the cargo hold of this freighter and you saw that giant wave coming at you.

This probably looks just like that flooding scene from the film "San Andreas," 2015. We certainly wouldn't want to be aboard this freighter when that wave comes gushing in. But what a breathtaking photo it is.

You don't have to watch a 3D movie or go to Disney World to see something that's ethereal.

Is it horrible to say that we're totally jealous of whoever gets to live in that tiny house and gets to wake up to that amazing forest. We'd love to go exploring through each and every seemingly symmetrical aisle.

Ironically, it's not what looks like a fire on the far left or the storm blanketing above this field.

Those cloud globules high above will most likely baffle anyone. How they formed is a mystery, but they're absolutely out of this world! This photo looks like something you'd expect to see on "Geostorm," 2017.


If you don't believe in a multi-verse, you might feel different after you take a look at this photo.

You've got gold-colored wheat growing on one side of the field, while what we assume is purple lavender is growing on the right half. When these two meet in the middle it feels like two worlds are about to collide.


Not everything in this world is black and white, but in this case it just happens to be true.

It's funny how this photo reminds us a bit of a ying-yang because you've got a person dressed in dark clothes on one side, which is covered with snow while the other half looks like black water with white swans.

Marcin Ryczek

You'd never consider tucking a rock into bed, but this is Mother Nature and anything's possible.

This photo was captured at the exact moment that this rock was being covered by a blanket of foam when the water hit the shoreline. The rock kind of looks cute and cozy, and we have to say, we're a little jealous.


Now this is a sight that is beautiful and a bit frightening and you wouldn't want to see this in the desert.

At a glance, it looks like some sort of monster ripping out of the sandy surface, but when you look closer, it also reminds us a bit of a bear. Is it possible that this is some sort of sand bear?


We'd like to meet the architect that designed these apartment homes with such symmetry.

The space in between the two buildings allows for the beautiful natural canvas of the sunset in the sky to peak through. We'd swear that this was a painting done by a professional, but it's just random luck and a great angle.

Gabriel Puyana

Here's something you can rarely say about snakes and that's that this is extremely beautiful.

The gray and yellow snake look like two ethereal dragons lying in wait for a prey to stumble into their vicinity. We'd never thought we could call snakes beautiful, but these two certainly are an exception, and they make a cute couple.


This village is impressive on its own, but the trees in the background definitely needed some color.

How often can you say that you've seen a yellow tree. We can only assume that autumn hit this region and that the leaves have turned a beautiful yellow color.


This bird is taking sunbathing to a whole new level as it flies across the sky with its wings spread out.

Actually, a rock created this bird-shaped window art on someone's windshield.


If you don't believe in ghost ships then you've never lived in this town or seen this photo.

Alright, so we can only assume that the town is on the bottom of a hill and that there's water on the horizon. But we can't see it because of all that mist, so it looks like a ghost ship in the distance.

Opposites attract but not in this case where these two dogs appear to be in two different worlds.

This owner is probably confused as to why his dogs refuse to look at one another. It might have something to do with the fact that they're in different places right now. But maybe they can meet each other halfway.


There's something so angelic about this photo, but it's not exactly what it appears to be.

It's a winged creature, possibly a bee, headed towards these plants to pollinate, but at the right angle, it looks like something magical. Then again, maybe it's a Super Bee who's flying around with a small sun.

This unusual pepper seems to be in the mood to celebrate LGBT equality with all its colors.

Does it have all the colors of the rainbow? Maybe not, but it's so pretty. And given how unique it looks, we're willing to bet this pepper could sting your tongue! It would also make a really cool necklace or rear-view mirror decoration.

You might not leave a trace of where you parked in the summer, but it's different in the winter.

Check out this dark space where a car recently drove off. Not only do you see a dark abyss where it once was, but the lines the person made when driving off.


Are these four individual photographs that were put together or are our eyes totally deceiving us and making us see things?

Once again, when you're in the right place at the right angle, you might find yourself questioning everything. But there aren't actually four quadrants in this photo. You're just looking at a brick wall with shrubs growing on top and the top of a building with a park nearby.


You've heard the stories that there are gateways to the underworld where tormented souls go to.

This photo is so terrifying and we give the person in this photo kudos for standing so close. We wouldn't want to accidentally slip on those carvings of people and wind up falling into that abyss towards eternal damnation.

Laszlo Kestay / USGS

Is anyone else getting that "Lord of the Rings" vibe? The Eye of Sauron!

Our best guess is that this is Yosemite Firefall, when the sun hits the Horsetail Fall at the perfect angle during the second week of February.

This narrow path in this forest has put a whole new meaning to the term, the great divide.

On one side you see what looks like the remains of a horrible forest fire that has left the trees virtually devastated. But on the other side of the path, the crisis has not touched any of the luscious green trees.


It looks like one of those artistic designed shower mats, but there's more here than meets the eye.

This photo was taken from a window or maybe a camera phone covered in raindrops. The effect has replicated the plane above in every single drop. It's like an invasion of planes coming down on this photographer.


The only thing more beautiful than a star is this man-made creation that can help thousands.

It might look like one, but there are actually several rows of these wind mills that generate power using the wind. But in this perfect angle, it looks like one, which is cool because the devices are acting as one to produce electricity.

Let's hope you're having a better day than that peacock is about to have down below.

The bird above it looks like a beautiful angel, but we doubt that its motives are anything but benign. Then again, maybe it's just dropping by to say hello and ask the peacock if it would like to go hang out.


If it's your first time skiing in the snow you'll be grateful for these lines in the white field.

It's like someone has decided to rake the entire snow-covered area in perfectly symmetrical lines. We'd certainly want to go skiing here. It's practically calling out to us. Who could say no to the perfect alignment of the ground, the pine trees and the mountains on the horizon.

Anyone who's a fan of the 80s B-movie "Children of the Corn" will have serious flashbacks here.

In the film, a supernatural force used a corn field to control children. In this image, there's a storm coming and all the sunflowers seem ready to worship their dark lord. But oh wait! One sunflower has turned and it sees you. Run!!!!


Never tell us that Mother Nature doesn't know how to stitch things because this photo proves otherwise.

Notice the zig zag lines on the shore that nearly miss touching the feet of that couple in the upper left-hand corner? It's so beautiful and perfect! It just comes to show you that there's a right time and a right place for taking the perfect photo.

Patrice Carre

Look! Up in the sky! Is it a bird... is it a plane? No! It's a bunch of boats seemingly flying in the air!

Everything about this photo is symmetrical from the crowd of people at the bottom, to the way the trees are planted in the middle. But the way the water looks at the top with all those boats floating about makes it seem like someone's invented flying boats and failed to tell us about it.