You Shouldn’t Laugh At These Pets Hating Bath Time, But You Will.

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It appears several years later, she still enjoys the bath.

It doesn't happen often, but when the day finally comes, pets absolutely dread it. What are we talking about is bath day, of course. Although some pets may actually enjoy splashing around in the soapy water, we can all agree that most pets hate it. They try to avoid the bathtub by any means necessary, but by the end of the day they have no choice. They'll stare straight into your soul or give you big sad eyes, but nothing will change the fact that they need a good cleaning! Check out some of the cutest pets below feeling the most betrayed they've ever felt.Did the little pup expand in the water? :)

"What did I just experience?"

"If you spray me again, I'll cut you!"

Basset baby bath time!

Missing labels: "During party" and "The day after."

She looks like she's in love with the water.

I think she's mistaken the bath water for drinking water.

How you know when a dog really enjoys baths:

When they shower by herself. She doesn't need no human.

These two obviously don't like water.

"Keep dat thing away from me."

Just hanging in the sink.

"Taking a little dip. But not immersing my entire self."

Walking zombie, beware!

"I'm mel-l-l-tiiiiiiing!

The bath has petrified him.

"Not sure how I feel about bath time."

One tiny bit of struggle left before he gives up.

"I can make it, I am not weak, I'll show them."

Thinking of his escape plan.

"This was the last straw. I need to escape this prison."

It's bubble bath time for bats!

"I hate bubbles. I hate water. I hate my life."

A cat holding on for dear life.

"Please hooman, don't do dis ta me! Pleeeease!"

"Yes, the smell, it smells so gooooood!"

"More lavender please. Just lather it on me."

"I trusted you..."

"And now, because of you, I will never trust anyone ever again."

A bunch of chinchillas in a dust bath.

They can't get wet, but this is still a bath!

Rub a dub dub, no.

"Rub-a-dub-dub, get me the hell outta this tub!"

The look of someone who has been betrayed.

"I am leaving home..... as soon as I dry."

It was Sadie's first bath.

After that day, Sadie was never the same.

He will definitely remember this one.

"Laugh now hooman ... tonight, you shall pay... dearly!"

"Not funny, man!"

"I will get you back for this, you petty hooman."

What kind of pokemon is this?

Gotta catch 'em all (AND GIVE THEM A BATH).

"Nobody will find me here."

"So.. is it over yet? Is the coast clear?"

This dog's expression before bath time.


"We love bath days!!!!"

"Baffs are fun! Why don't we have more of them?!"