25 Flights That Had The Best Passengers Ever.

25 Flights That Had The Best Passengers Ever. November 21, 2019

Everyone loves to travel but nobody actually enjoys going to the airport and sitting on a plane for hours. The entire process is super tedious and exhausting. Most people dread the idea of boarding a plane but often times, they’re left with no other choice. With that said, there are only two ways a person’s flight can become more enjoyable. The first one is booking first class. Unfortunately, that’s not affordable for most people. The second way: boarding a flight that has an animal on board. And we’re not talking just dogs and cats!He stared out the airplane window for 5 hours straight in silence. He didn’t once make a peep.

Well, they can! Which means everything is possible now, right? They don’t have wings, but that’s what loopholes are for.

This flight took place after she earned her retirement from the U.S. Marines. The human joining Kiddy made an announcement to congratulate the doggo’s 12 years of hard work and everyone on the plane gave a round of applause.

Left dog: “Hi. Are you scared?” Right dog: “Hell yeah, you?” Left dog: “I’m about to pee from where I’m laying.”

And look at how calm it is! This doggo deserves all the treats after the flight is over.

It kind of makes you wonder where you are in life when a koala experiences first class service on a flight before you do.

In today’s episode of Life of a Flight Attendant, we see a turkey onboard as a person’s “therapy flight.” Didn’t know turkeys could be so emotionally supportive.

You look and it’s this little guy peeping out from his bag. Sorry fella, you’re too far to share my jerky with! But can we please take a moment to talk about this legroom.

He’s an emotional support duck that was on a flight to Asheville. But more importantly, LOOK AT THOSE BOOTS. Daniel is stylin’.

But one thing that will ALWAYS make it better is seeing a puppy on the flight with you. Just look at this little guy, how can you not instantly feel better?

He looks so surprisingly calm while being held by his owner. And he’s so little! If I were on this flight, I’d spend my entire time just staring at this feline.

Excuse me, sir, don’t you belong in first class? Or better yet, in your own private jet plane? Who is your manager? He/she is doing a terrible job.

Only to board and see these incredibly cute little creatures. I’d freak out but in a good way.

Just look at those eyes. This doggo means business! He wants the human next to him to know that the doggo is the superior.

A Saudi prince once bought 80 seats on a plane solely for his 80 hawks. Obviously, you can’t expect the man to travel without his birds.

This man and his dog have been in this exact position for over 2 hours. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

The best part? The private jet was free! He got to fly out of state to his new loving forever home.

And you work up the nerve to say something until you finally look down and see this marvelous sight.

This is pretty much the best of both worlds and all the passengers on his flight are extremely fortunate to experience such a thing.

But a baby kangaroo wearing human stuff doesn’t look as life-threatening and quite frankly, adorable.

Going through dog’s mind: “Yeah, that’s right. This seat belongs to me. I am as much of a passenger as you are. I am your equal.”

Hey buddy. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. So get your own snacks! But I will trade a piece of my snack for the opportunity to pet you.

Now, this is a cat you definitely do not want to interrupt or wake up! This cat is literally too cute to bother.

Going through dog’s mind: “It’s ok, it’s ok. You’re safe. It’ll all be over soon before you know it. I’ll be back on the ground and have these ridiculous things off my head in no time.”

So this plane’s gotta be on the way to the southern hemisphere, right? Is this common? If don’t think so.

Bentley obviously earned the honor to meet this captain. His proud stance says it all!

Because if this dog stared me straight in the eyes on a flight, I would have fallen in love in an instant.

Now I know what I’m dressing my dog up as next Halloween. All I need is a green blanket and the costume is complete.

You can be more of a cat person or a dog person. This passenger, in particular, is more of a pony person. As long as the pet helps the person, that’s all that matters.

But we’ll let this one slide. Look at that fear in the dog’s face. You gotta let him do whatever he wants.