Pigeon Is Fascinated By His Cat Brother, And His Obsession Is Adorable.

Pigeon Is Fascinated By His Cat Brother, And His Obsession Is Adorable. February 6, 2019

Some friendships are very difficult to define. In fact, it’s safe to say that most are super unconventional and go beyond the traditional definitions by setting their own rules. But it often involves two individuals with totally opposite characteristics and habits who find ways to connect in the most cherished way possible… through their souls. That’s exactly how Keith, a pigeon, and Cheddar, a pet cat, came together in friendship. Although they were supposed to be mortal enemies, at least according to the laws of nature and Sylvester and Tweety on “Looney Tunes”, they chose to become each other’s companions.A few months back, Stephanie Lynch found Keith on the streets of downtown Toronto, Canada. Back then, he was a scraggly baby bird cowering on the streets. He appeared to have fallen from his nest. The poor little fellow could neither fly nor walk. That’s when Lynch came to his rescue. Since she had some experience with raising birds, she decided to take him home. She nursed him, and within just a few weeks, Keith grew stronger. His feathers were growing back and he was looking much better.

The little attention seeker has now started to perch on Lynch’s shoulder all day long. She can’t help but think that the pigeon is trying to tell her stories or maybe it’s just something simple that he’s trying to convey like gratitude.

Stephanie isn’t the only one Keith cozies up to. When she isn’t around, he wanders around a 25-pound cat named Cheddar. Adopted from the Toronto Cat Rescue last year, Cheddar always seemed to be mystified by his new feathered sibling. Lynch explained, “I have big windows so he sees the other pigeons perched outside.” She further added, “He doesn’t seem interested in them.”

“Keith hates it when I’m on my cell phone and starts acting up if he thinks Cheddar is getting more attention than him,” she added. Lynch also mentioned that Keith has declined every opportunity to reunite with his own kind and prefers to stay with his new family. However, there is one condition, and that is that everyone has to follow his rules. The little attention seeker needs all eyes on him; even while sleeping, he makes sure that the spotlight is still squarely on him through his loud snores.

Keith moves around investigating Stephanie’s every move all day long. She even mentioned that when she moves even a couple of feet away, Keith comes following. He has also befriended the mirror and when no one is around, he spends his time looking and adoring himself. Now when Stephanie looks back, it seems that if she hadn’t rescued him in time, Keith would have been trampled by passersby.