The 25 Best Ever DIY Projects For Pets… My Dog Would Love #16.


A scratch post for a paw-sy kitty.

Perhaps you mastered dozens of DIY home projects and are constantly making the front page of Etsy and Pinterest. Little do you know that as you sit at your workspace, surrounded by glue and scissors and sanding materials, you pet is gazing at you longingly, wishing that you would finally make something for them. Well, wait no more, Pets of Crafters, Creators, and DIY Doers. We have compiled a list of 25 DIY projects that your humans can do for you in no time - **there's something here for every pet to love.**Give your cat something to scratch on besides your favorite chair by putting together this cute colorblock scratch post. All it requires is a wooden post, base, and different colors of rope.

Make doggie treats for hot summer days.

Get some ideas from these photos for how to give your dog a delectable treat when the temperatures outside soar. Bonus: You can make some human treats in the process.

A fabric pet barrier.

Using two tension rods and fabric, you can create a barrier that will keep your small pups from entering forbidden areas in your home.

An elevated dog bed.

This dog bed is made with PVC pipes to keep it high off the ground. Animals prefer sleeping at a slight elevation, especially during winter months when floors are extra drafty.

Adorable dog neckties.

Your dog might be cute - but these ties prove that with a little accessorizing, it could definitely be cuter.

Sweet potato treats.

Dried strips of sweet potato make a great healthy treat for dogs, and won't infiltrate your house with the usual stink of meaty dog treats.

A munchable cat garden.

Cats love these plants, and they are easy to grow and keep in your home. Bonus: If they're chewing on these plants, they're likely not chewing on anything else in the house.

A doggy wax and conditioner.

Dogs' snouts and paws get extra dry, especially during hot and arid summer days. Check out the link below to find a DIY recipe for a balm that will soothe chapped and cracked noses and paws.

A tent for your cat's privacy.

You can use an old t-shirt, two wire hangers, and some cardboard to make a tent for your cat, which will appeal to your fickle feline's need for privacy.

Doggy apple crisps.

Dogs love the smell and taste of apples, and you'll love the fact that these treats will get them their daily dose of Vitamin C.

A permanent dog pond.

Purchase a plastic swimming pool (found at most local hardware stores), dig a hole in your back yard for the pool, and surround it with stones. That way, your beloved pup can have its own way to cool down during the hot summer months.

Homemade dog food.

Shredded chicken and veggies makes excellent homemade dog food, and you can make it in large batches and freeze it.

A simple dog house teepee.

Use a pallet to create this simple dog house design, perfect for pooches that need a little privacy.

A clever dog leash holder.

You can create an awesome leash holder using a piece of wood, and a few hooks. Add a mounted tube to make a convenient doggie bag dispenser.

A cardboard cat scratcher.

This insanely cheap DIY is made from strips of cardboard and duct tape, and cats absolutely love it.

A posh princess puppy bed.

This is an ornate table turned upside-down, painted, and padded, and it makes an excellent space for a dog or cat that prefers to live in the lap of luxury.

Cosy pet clothes.

Repurpose your old baby clothes into a adorable outfits for your dog or cats. Bonus points if you create twin outfits for your baby and pet.

An all-natural flea powder.

Follow the link below to keep fleas and ticks away from your pets without all of the harsh chemicals.

A car hammock.

Keep your pet off your pristine car upholstery with this handy tutorial.

Pet pill pockets.

Peanut butter and flour can make a moldable dough that is excellent for hiding your pet's daily pills.

A torturous cat toy.

A tupperware with holes and filled with treats and toys will keep your kitty entertained for hours.

A DIY dog ramp.

If you have a little dog, building them a ramp to the couch or bed can elevate them to maximum coziness in no time.

A porch potty.

Wall off a small area on your porch and plant some grass for your dog to do his business - he'll definitely appreciate you for this during the cold winter months.

A cat tree.

Using shellacked branches and platforms, you can create an awesome resting place for you cat that won't look so bad in your living room, either.

A vintage belt dog collar.

A trimmed piece of a vintage belt can be turned into a chic collar for your pup that will look like it came from a doggy designer.