Pet Rooster Runs To School Bus Stop To Greet His Favorite Human Every Day.

Pet Rooster Runs To School Bus Stop To Greet His Favorite Human Every Day. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Most of us have cats and dogs eagerly waiting for us to come back from school, or work. But Savannah Burns is different. The 13-year-old actually has a pet rooster named Frog, and he is totally in love with his teenage BFF. But the feeling is certainly mutual. The bond between these two friends is so strong that there is no way anyone could break their tether. They’re so cute together that in lieu of all the craziness going on in the world, we finally get to read about something that is extremely heartwarming, and will make you want to own a pet rooster of your own.She owns a rooster, which she named Frog. Now that’s a pretty unusual thing to name a rooster, but that’s just the beginning of the quirkiness that begins to define these two amazing, and inseparable friends.

**According to Savannah’s mother, Holley, when the school bus brings Savannah home, Frog will run faster than a speeding bullet so that it’ll be there to greet her. Now that’s a true testament of their friendship.**

If only we’d had a friend like this who was willing to give us so much love when we were 13. Frog will literally stay with her at then of the driveway, until Savannah gets on the bus to go to school. That’s adorbs!

In February 2016, Frog the rooster moved in with the Burns family, who live in Atlanta, Texas. It didn’t take long for them to see that he was unlike other roosters. For one thing, he loved watching people doing dishes.

For one thing, Frog had feathers on his feet, which isn’t as common as you’d think in a rooster. Also, he had a funny way of moving, almost like… well, you guess it… a frog. So, it made sense to name him Frog.

It turned out that he actually enjoyed hanging out with humans, especially Savannah, but when it came to his own kind, he didn’t seem quite as interested. Guess bathroom vanities are cooler than chicken coops.

When Frog was younger, Savannah would carry him everywhere she went, even when she did chores. This allowed a friendship to form between the two, and now the only thing that separates them is school.

To Savannah, they might not seem like road trips, but try seeing it from a rooster’s perspective. He gets to sit on her lap and enjoy the breeze as the car zooms down the street.

The Burns family also own a dog named Casper, who was found abandoned in a parking lot at McDonald’s. At first, Casper was afraid of storms, but Frog cuddled with him and put him at ease.

Her mom, Holly, calls her daughter “an animal whisperer.” She added that “she can walk up to anything, and it’s just instant – all animals are attracted to her.” Maybe she might want to get her own reality series.

Anywhere she goes, he’ll follow her. If she decides to sit on her bed and study, Frog will jump up on the bed and lay right beside her to be her study buddy.

At first, everyone assumes he’s running up to them to attack, but then they realize he’s just interested in saying hello. Eventually, everyone falls under Frog’s love spell, and that includes the school bus driver.

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