Pet Sitters Who Are Obviously Having Way Too Much Fun With It.

Pet Sitters Who Are Obviously Having Way Too Much Fun With It. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Owning a pet is awesome, but a lot of work. People like to compare raising a pet to raising a child because the two share a lot of similarities. For example, just like how a parent needs a babysitter from time to time, a pet owner needs a petsitter. Even pets need someone to watch them, feed them, take them out to potty, and play with them! Unfortunately not everyone is fit to be a petsitter. In fact, some pet owners instantly regret letting other people look after their animals. Check out the photos below to find out why.He sent her this. “He’s chilling, babe!!”

His friend responded with this photo. “Bed time story?”

She responded with this photo. This dog is obviously too cool for its owner now.

This dog surely proves it!

You had one job! And you just had to have your fun.

He sent her this photo. Looks like they’re going to have an interesting dinner.

And then she came back to this. “I am MRS. NESBIT!”

So he sent her this photo and told her that he’s on his way.

He sends her this photo. 30 points for Gryffindor!

Well it’s creative, that’s for sure!

Oh deer, did I do that?

If you do, something like this might happen.

It looks like the dog has a better life than the dog owner.

This cat looks like she belongs in Rihanna’s b__ch better have my money music video.

Well, here’s your answer. Darth Vader vs. Batman!

This is the most recent photo. The cat looks like it is used to this sort of thing.

All that’s missing is the black mustache.

This is what he came home to. What a nice pawdicure.

You get to create new fun projects like this D-Rex.

Is he there to cook or to eat? Or both?

And she’s been using his camera to take the photos!

She left her sister alone with the dog for a moment and then this happened.

And her mom laughing hysterically in her bedroom.

Is she sending you a message, perhaps?

But you gotta admit, this is a great outfit!

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