Pharmacy Technician Tweets The Saddest Experience Of His Life.

Pharmacy Technician Tweets The Saddest Experience Of His Life. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

None of us are exactly sure why we’re here on this Earth. The purpose of life has yet to be exposed to us, yet we keep living, and thriving, in the pursuit of that truth. Whatever the reason may be that we’re here, I believe that love is one of the answers. Love is everywhere. Love is in our very bodies. It’s in our actions towards others, and it’s in the words we speak. If we’re lucky, we find the person that we can fall hopelessly in love with. We find that special someone that we’re able to spend the rest of our lives with. They become our best friend, our partner in crime, and the person we wake up next to everyday. We couldn’t imagine life without them. Sometimes, we can even feel the love between others radiate off of them. Their love inspires us. James Morales, a pharmacy technician, recently experienced one of the most heart-breaking things of his life. James shared his story via Twitter and left readers in tears. Check out his story, and hopefully, it will inspire you to spread your love today!

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