Photographer Set Up Hidden Camera In Her Backyard Bird House.

Photographer Set Up Hidden Camera In Her Backyard Bird House. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Lisa M. is an amateur photographer from Germany. She now lives in Michigan and her backyard is pretty popular among the birds that are flying by. As she began to study them a bit more, she noticed they were much different than she was used to seeing over in her homeland of Germany. So she went out and purchased a special bird house that has a camera and the results are spectacular. The Bird Photo Booth 2.0 is a device that uses a motion detector to let it know when a bird has landed on it. Every time the bird moves it triggers another snap shot, of which ten images are taken per second with a macro lens. The house has a feeder bowl attached to it to entice the birds to land there and take a snack break. It works quite well as she has had blue jays, doves, cardinals and all kinds of other birds stop by for a quick bite.As this guy is grabbing some food a friend is swooping in to get some himself.

This close up of the Cardinal shows how beautiful they really are.

Shots of this kind, from this close, are hard to get. It’s awesome to see them this close.

This beautiful blue jay looks as though he has figured something out. The look on his face says the jig is up!

Is it a coincidence that he is looking directly into the camera? I don’t think so!

It must get tiring flying around all day and only getting to rest on a thin branch. I’ll bet rests like this don’t come often.

“What are you looking at? Haven’t you ever seen a healthy bird before? Go back to your business!”

The bird house camera allows for some photos that would not normally be possible. In all seriousness it gives us a great look into something that’s normally pretty hard to see up close.

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