The Smithsonian Runs A Photo Contest… Here Are This Year’s Finalists.

The Smithsonian Runs A Photo Contest… Here Are This Year’s Finalists. March 9, 2017

A great photo can move you, make you think, or transport you to a place that you never thought you’d see for your own eyes. The judges of the 12th Annual Smithsonian Photo Contest have chosen finalists that achieve all of the above. Smithsonian received 26,600 images from 93 different countries across the globe. The photographs range from simple, serene moments in the countryside of southeast Asia, to cityscapes from right in the heart of America. Looking at these 25 finalists is like being treated to a little slice of life from all over the world. The winners will be announced on March 31, 2015, but if you want a sneak-peek at 25 of the images that made the final round, check out the photos below.Finalist: People Women of a small village near Vinh Hy Bay, Vietnam, sew a fiching net while their husbands fish.-Pham Ty

Finalist: Natural World “During my last trip to Cota Rica I managed to photograph this beautiful snake in the worst of all situations (for the frog of course)”-Nicolas Rreusens

Finalist: Americana “As my husband and I stood on the shore admiring the twilight, we anticipated that a spectacular scene would unfold at sunrise.”-Dawn LaPointe

Finalist: Natural World A green Iguana surfaces for air. “I had decided to take some over/under water photographs of the sunset from inside one of my favorite Bonaire caves. There I was, fully equipped with my wetsuit, fins, mask and snorkel and my camera…when a curious friend interruted my solitude,”-Lorenzo Mittiga

Finalist: People “This is my baby girl, Hannah. Although my sister captures her all the time, she told me as a mother I could capture things no one else could.”-Amy Hand

Finalist: Natural World “Young Cheetahs learn to hunt by chasing down a fawn”-Eng Siong Yeo

Finalist: Travel Young Buddhist novices play in Hsinbyume Pagoda, Myanmar. “Once the tourists leave the last boat to Mandalay, the pagoda and it’s terraces become the perfect playground for the kids.”-Sergio Carbajo

Finalist: Natural World The caracolera is a common, but restless snake. “Getting a photograph of his whole body was the challenge.”-Alvaro Cubero Vega

Finalist: People Onno is a teenage girl of the Arbore tribe. Onno, like other women of the Arbore tribe, enjoys decorating herself with hundreds of beads, which she believes makes her more attractive. Her hair is cut short, which is a symbol of virginity. Soon Onno will marry and as part of the wedding process she will have to be circumcised. This process will be done by her mother, and like all Arbore women, she will have to follow the tradition.-Matjaz Krivic

Finalist: People Two boys jump into a river near Nghiem Xuyen village, Vietnam, in the late afternoon.-Viet Phuong Tran

Finalist: Travel Train ride through Myanmar.-Jorge Fernandez

Finalist: Travel “During the floating season on the Mekong Delta, wild water lilies grow in the rice fields now covered by water.”-Nhiem Hoang

Finalist: Travel The Hamer are one of several ethnic tribes living in Ethiopia’s Omo Valley. This young girl wears traditional clothing.-David Navais

Finalist: Americana Sunset casts light on a wheat field in Steptoe Butte State Park, Washington. “I took hundreds of shots of the wheat dancing in the wind from different exposures. My fingers just kept clicking until it was dark.”-Libby Zhang

Finalist: Americana Fog creeps under the Manhattan Bridge. “I wanted to show this amazing suspension bridge in more detail from underneath, along with the iconic pylons.”-Az Jackson

Finalist: Americana While firemen were putting out a fire in Chicago, the water froze and coated everything in ice. “Earlier that morning an abandoned warehouse on the South Side had erupted in flames.”-Frank Miles Richert

Finalist: Altered Images “The distinctive red robruer (fishermen’s cottages) in the lovely fishing village of Reine in Norway are seen against the backdrop of the dramatic mountain peaks which are characteristic of the Lofoten archipelago in Norway. This long exposure image was taken on a wet and windy day which produced a wholly different feel and look.”-Joyce Le Mesurier

Finalist: Altered Images A stream wanders in an oxbow shape near Liberty Bell Mountain in North Cascades National Park. He used multiple exposures to capture the full dynamic range of the scene.-Ben Coffman

Finalist: Altered Images Fog weaves through forest trees.-Ernest Wright

Finalist: Altered Images Fog weaves through forest trees.-Ellie Davies

Finalist: Altered Images

Finalist: Mobile

Finalist: Mobile

Finalist: Mobile

Finalist: Mobile “Climbing up the steps to the top of the snow and wind-blasted fire tower at the top of Okemo Mountain, the views were breathtaking.”-Jeremy Eichenlaub