20 Photos That Will Make You Look Twice.

20 Photos That Will Make You Look Twice. October 22, 2017

The angle is everything when it comes to photography. They can make a picture look entirely different from reality. Some of the pictures are so bizarre that you don’t get what’s happening in the first few seconds. You’ll need to stare a little bit longer to give your brain time to figure it out. Here are 20 pictures that will definitely make you take another look.Oh wait, that’s a tree in the back ground. Perfect framing though.

Nope, just unbelievably crystal clear water.

Nice hair.

Bad selfie skills. That picture looks so abnormal.

She looks headless!

Or maybe it’s her other arm. Oh yeah, right.

The blacks are merging, hard to tell.

Oh no, wait. That pony tail belongs to the girl with pink socks in the background.

Oh that’s the girl. The guy is sitting.

That is one embarrassing picture of the who’s head is all the way in.

Or is that two dogs?

The way the guy is looking at her, I think he knows he has the exact same legs!

That’s a huge head for such a small body.

The color of the cat’s ear and the man’s forehead are a good match..

I bet the ant can take that helicopter down.

That picture is making him look like a spiritual saint.

Nope, just bad photo angle. Perspective is everything.

I wonder if he got good tips that night.

Just call him Big Foot.

Can’t see it? Look at the back row.