This Guy Is Basically The Orca Whisperer. Watch The Remarkable Footage…

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Since 2010, kayaking enthusiast and explorer Nathan Pettigrew has been observing orcas. Over the years, he's even fostered a relationship with one particular orca who truly seems to know who Pettigrew is: His name is Pickle, and he greets Pettigrew every time he paddles by. Here's what Pettigrew had to say about the following video on his YouTube page: > I remember seeing Pickle back in 2010 and with that dorsal fin, he's pretty easy to recognize. Watching him grow over the last 5 years has been amazing, especially after a break, at one point, from not seeing him for 18months or so. Pickle is young, energetic, inquisitive and innocent and after seeing him grow over the years, it really goes to show, that to get to maximum adult size (and he has a long way to go), we really need to look after them and their environment. In the video below, you can see how quickly Pickle comes to say hello to Pettigrew, and it's true: Their bond is pretty amazing.
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