What You See In This Picture Reveals A LOT About Your Character.

What You See In This Picture Reveals A LOT About Your Character. January 3, 2019

It’s all about perception. The way you understand and feel about a song, a message, or a photo is largely based on your interpretation. Your senses and personality play a huge part in the way you see things. Noma Bar is an artist who dominates illusory illustration. He uses simple imagery to convey ideas and feelings raging from war, poverty, sex, and more. He loves his medium as he admits that “While photography will give you a punch in the face, the overall look of my images is softer – but they still shock you in the discovery of the message.” Bar uses double entendres to convey multiple meanings in his work. One such powerful image has many trying to decipher what it is supposed to be. While the artist gave it a title, revealing it’s true meaning, a different perspective actually reveals a lot about your personality.The artist admits “I am after maximum communication with minimum elements.”

It is shades of orange surrounded in black.

Your creative imagination let you see a colourful explosion. Did you love doing crafts as a kid, maybe painting or drawing? You may have a lot of talents within the art medium, consider exploring this further.

You may be creative but you are also pragmatic when looking at things. You need to look at things in front of you in a literal form not what you think it may mean. You are strong and rational, qualities many strive for.

No detail is missed when it comes to you. You break down and try to decipher every aspect and feature. Your sensibility allows others to open up to you easily. Your attention to every minute thing makes you an ideal employee.

You are close to nature. Everything in your life is organic from the food you consume, surroundings, and relationships. You have no time for what is artificial, you want substance.

You may be too hard on yourself trying to think outside the box. Relax and maybe go back to the image later. Don’t put so much pressure to figure things out, maybe you’re overtired and this impacting your ability to see things clearly.