Pink Drunk Messaged Eminem And He Responded Like Every Man You’ve Ever Texted.

Pink Drunk Messaged Eminem And He Responded Like Every Man You’ve Ever Texted. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

What happens when two musical geniuses put their heads, their microphones, and their talents together? Great things, that’s what! When we see an album released by famous musicians, we’re more likely to buy them. This could totally explain why Pink decided to reach out to rapper, Eminem. But it’s how she did it and how he responded that’s got people talking. Now you’d think a guy like Eminem, would have a lot to say. But when Pink sent him a heartfelt request to join forces, he shocked her. It just wasn’t the way you’d expect.It’s very difficult to say no to Pink. She’s a singer-songwriter, danger, actress, and R&B diva. So, during an Entertainment Weekly Interview, Pink talked about how she got Eminem to say yes for her album, Beautiful Trauma.

When Pink reaches out to you, you better answer yes. Now most people do everything over the phone. They express emotions over emojis. They profess their love for each other. They take selfies. They even ask fellow musicians to collaborate on a new album. But what did Eminem respond that had fans laughing?

Pink had been drinking a lot of wine, according to her. It was that kind of wine drinking that celebs are known for. After leaving the studio, she went home and that’s when a light bulb popped in her head.

As soon as Pink made it home, she decided to have a little more wine. Then she e-mailed her drinking buddy, Eminem. She had come up with an idea for her next album, but she was a bit nervous. She wanted her rapper friend to be a part of it. But would he say yes.

In her drunken state, Pink sent Eminem an e-love letter. Don’t worry! It was platonic. She was also trying to butter him up. That’s when she threw in those three words that are said too much but not enough.

Then she added that she knew he had worked with cool musicians like Rihanna. But would he be willing to work for her? In her long text message to Eminem, Pink praised Riri. She claimed she knew Rihanna was hotter, but that she was funnier. But would humor win him over?

There was no way that Pink would have asked Eminem to collaborate with her. Well, she wouldn’t have without taking a few sips from the bottle. Now it was time to go in for the kill or go home.

Pink finally got to the point. It was a good thing she was a bit drunk. If Eminem said no, then the wine would have numbed the rejection. She finished by telling him her master plan. She was going to make a Grammy worthy rap album. But would Eminem hop onboard?

Pink had drafted this huge e-mail with all of her ideas. It also included the reasons why she wanted to do it and why she wanted him in it. So, can you imagine what he replied?

When Eminem’s not busy rapping songs, he’s a man of very few words. Don’t believe us? Just ask Pink, who got a one-word response to her request. It seems Eminem replied, “Okay.” But that was it. The rapper, who was in Rio De Janeiro when he got Pink’s message was probably busy. But did he realize what he had committed himself to?

Pink was so shocked. She couldn’t believe it. He had agreed to her terms. Oh, and she didn’t mind that Eminem had given her such a short answer. Then she checked her inbox a few days later, and was blown away.

Four days after Eminem’s “poetic” one-word response, Pink checked her inbox. There, she found the track he had emailed to her. To say Pink was ecstatic would have been an understatement. So, she e-mailed him and told him “This is the best thing I’ve ever heard!” What’s more, she wanted to “tackle you and rub your face in the dirt!” Guess what his response was!

It’s too bad Eminem can’t patent the word “Okay.” He seems to use it an awful lot when replying to his friends. One of these days he might shock the world by saying no. But fortunately for Pink, that day was not today.

He wrote back once again, “Okay.” During an interview with the UK’s Lorraine, Pink expressed her love for Eminem. She called him a “lyrical genius.” She has apparently been in love with the rapper since the 2001 MTV MVAs. That’s when he gave her an autographed photo of him. Who knew that years later, these two would be collaborating on an album?

Pink finally got her wish and was able to collaborate with her favorite rapper. The song, “Revenge” is powerful, poetic, and all around awesome! So, what if he didn’t sound enthusiastic in his text?

In the end, Pink got exactly what she wanted. We’re so lucky that Eminem was willing to join forces with Pink. While she’s awesome on her own, Em’s collab undoubtedly made “Beautiful Trauma” even cooler. Once you hear it, you’ll definitely be hoping for another album with this dynamic duo soon.

Love him or hate him, he’s considered one of the greatest rappers alive. He practically lives and breathes rapping. He’s great with language and his talent is undeniable. So, what if he’s not the best texter in the world?

Didn’t this man of few words write a hit record? Yes! Didn’t his music achieve world record status? Yes! The man can literally rap himself speechless and fans around the world would love him. It makes total sense that Pink would reach out to him. They’re like a match made in musical heaven.

Pink decided to collaborate with the legendary rapper on the track called “Revenge.” But it wasn’t exactly easy keeping the collaboration a secret from fans. Fortunately, fans didn’t have to wait long.

On October 13th, the album “Beautiful Trauma” made its debut. But despite the name of the song, don’t expect it to be a serious one. “Revenge” was intended to be fun and funny and that’s exactly what it is. In fact, it’s so much fun that even Pink’s mom loves the song.

This isn’t the first time that Pink and Eminem collaborated. In 2010, Pink and Eminem put their heads together for the album “Recovery.” There they worked together on a song that was equally brilliant.

It was called “Won’t Back Down,” and was full of everything you’ve come to expect. There was plenty of rap, cussing, and so much more. It was only a matter of time before these two would come together once again. Clearly, Em knew Pink wouldn’t have backed down if he’d said no to her.

Eminem had made some noise of his own on October 10th. Just three days before “Beautiful Trauma” was released, Ems took a dig at President Trump. But then again, Eminem is no stranger to controversy.

He unleashed the song “The Storm” during the BET Hip Hop Awards. It was politically motivated. But you can’t help but wonder if that helped Pink’s album. After all, all that press Em’s got could only improve the publicity for “Beautiful Trauma” when it came out a few days later.

The song, “Revenge” may be lighthearted. But the lyrics have a strong message for a cheating ex, just not anyone in particular. The lyrics are dark and captivating, and a dream, or in this case, a nightmare come true.

Ironically, Pink had written this song while she was drunk. By her own admission, she went back to the studio. She drank lots of wine. Then she wrote “Revenge.” Naturally, by the time she got home, and drank some more, she simply needed Eminem to join her to make this album come true.

While the “Revenge” song is available to listen now, Pink is planning a big tour. She starred in the Apple Music short film “On The Record: Pink-Beautiful Trauma” to give her album a boost. But that’s not all.

She’s also planning to promote the album on March 2018 by going on a North American tour that will be huge. Her hope is that this will put her on the top charts. If “Beautiful Trauma” and “Revenge” in particular, make it big, we might see Em and Pink together again.

If there’s one thing that Pink will never lack is self-confidence. She’s so sure of herself, which is why she’s such a hit. She’s also an idol for women of any age. She’s an inspiring woman and so is her music.

Eminem definitely communicates through rap in the song. But Pink also delivers a few rhymes of her own. The result if a harmonizing combination about an awesome vengeful plan intended for anyone who has ever dealt with a cheating ex. We already love Eminem and Pink. But the two of them rapping side by side, sweetens the deal.

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