Pit Bull With Dwarfism Has No Idea She’s So Tiny.

Pit Bull With Dwarfism Has No Idea She’s So Tiny. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

It’s easy to talk and preach about doing good deeds. It can be harder to put those words into action. The task can feel overwhelming and frustrating. Where do you begin such a daunting job? Rather than feel like you are just one person in a world of billions, unable to bring real change, take one step at a time, one life at a time. Before you know it, your actions will inspire others to do the same.At the time of adoption, Altamirano was told that the canine would not live past her third birthday. “Three years old was pretty much the expectancy that everyone gave us. I’ve heard it so many times. So she turned four, and she’s totally fine,” Alramirano said.

Despite being a purebred pit bull, Sassy is a dwarf canine. The adorable pup is about a quarter of the size of a full-grown pit bull.

“She twerks when she walks because she has such bad hip dysplasia. They were going to try and straighten her legs, but she has flipper feet. She kind of walks on her forearms, and her feet are really just ‘there,'” Altamirano explained. “They’re underdeveloped. So if they straighten her legs, she’s just going to be walking on the ends of bone because these feet don’t do anything.”

But for Altamirano this is just one of many qualities that makes Sassy special. “She just claps her jaw. You know she’s trying to bark because she’s just doing this jaw clap. I think it’s hysterical,” he admitted.

“She’s got a lot of problems. But she’s totally smart, and she has no idea any of these things are going on,” he explained.

When the pit bull was born, the breeder took her to the local animal shelter. Fortunately, someone got in contact with Kim Bonomo, a volunteer with Forgotten Friends of Long Island.

“Apparently (Kim) got the dog in the parking lot. And when (the rescue group) got the dog, I think that they really thought the dog wasn’t going to make it,” said Altamirano.

Consequently, they set up a Facebook page to find her a forever home. Many voiced interest but it was Altamirano who was chosen. Altamirano has two other rescue dogs with special needs, Chiqui Gonzalez and Dolly Parton.

“She loves dog parks. She loves big dogs. She definitely doesn’t know she’s the size she is,” he admitted. Sassy gets around in a dog stroller or with Altamirano carrying her around.

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