Playful Foxes Recreate 2016’s Most Controversial Christmas Advert.

Playful Foxes Recreate 2016’s Most Controversial Christmas Advert. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

As cities begin to grow, they rapidly encroach in the natural habitats of animals. For some animals, they move further into the countryside, while others simply choose to stay put and live alongside the hustle and bustle humans have made in the once quiet and lush areas. In England for example, it is very common for residents to see foxes roaming through their backyards looking for water, food, or a place to lounge around. While most people have grown accustomed to seeing these woodland creatures others find them to be pests. According to the Mammal Research Unite from the University of Bristol, there are 33,000 urban foxes. Their curiosity and brazen personalities have prompted the Brits to have their cameras ready to document whatever new predicament these beautiful creatures get into next.

->**”Faith, the little vixen is on top and Freyr her brother underneath the lounger. I believe the fox underneath pretends to be a mouse underground and the fox on top is the hunting fox trying to catch the mouse,” said Nightingale of the creatures playing on the chair like a trampoline.**<-

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