Vlogger Accidentally Poisoned Herself On Live TV.

Vlogger Accidentally Poisoned Herself On Live TV. July 4, 2019

You’ll be surprised by the various types of ways people can earn income nowadays. Because the Internet is so essential in today’s generation, multiple people have taken advantage of it to make themselves a living. For example, YouTube has given people a platform to create and post videos. As a result, YouTube users who have many subscribers and views can earn money from it. In China, many individuals do the same but with live-stream. The audience pays to watch vloggers go about their everyday activities. However, with how competitive it has become, vloggers feel like they need to be more creative with their content. For example, Ms Zheng decided to demonstrate to her viewers the benefits of eating aloe vera. Due to a lack of proper research, however, the vlogger instead wound up poisoning herself in front of her live audience.In her video, she was trying to demonstrate and show her audience the various health benefits that come with consuming aloe vera.

Ever since the video was recorded, it’s been circulating on the Internet, appearing on several Chinese websites including qq.com.

However, as she continued to eat the plant, she began realizing that there was something wrong.

Instead of praising the taste like how she did in the beginning of the video, she began saying things like “that’s bitter… that’s really bitter.”

Although the plant looked just like aloe vera, it had none of the same health benefits. In actuality, the plant was the complete opposite as it was poisonous.

Often mistaken for aloe vera, Agave Americana is actually a “poisonous plant from Mexico.”

Her throat started feeling like it was set on “fire.” The vlogger eventually had to end the live stream and seek medical attention at the hospital.

The doctors revealed to Ms Zhang that she had not been eating aloe vera but Agave Americana.

The doctors at the hospital had no choice but to pump her stomach. Thankfully, she is now in stable condition.

Had she not gotten there quickly enough, the consequences would have been even worse.

Although it can be consumed in the right proportions, Agave Americana has “several toxic compounds.”

“It contains the incredibly irritating calcium oxylate raphides (microscopic daggers of crystaline oxylate) as well as some other really irritating oils in the sap,” Cornell explained.

For instance, it’s used in the making of tequila. Nonetheless, it needs to be carefully prepared before it can be used as an ingredient.

As for the plant the vlogger thought she was consuming, aloe vera, it can be eaten either raw or cooked.

Either one are often seen in salads or even drinks. The plant is known for adding a “refreshing taste” in whatever it has been added to.

“But because it has a natural laxative effect, long-term, regular consumption is not advised,” explained Livestrong.

However, the video is proof that many people who strive to make online content don’t do the proper research required beforehand.

Such vloggers actually depend on these live-stream videos for the primary income. They’re known as Internet hosts who live-stream their daily activities.

The industry attracts over 200 million viewers. As a result, many of the Internet hosts will go to great lengths to attract the attention of viewers.

**To watch the actual live-stream video for yourself, see the video below.**