Demand For Pokeball Terrariums Is So Huge You’ll NEVER Catch One.

Demand For Pokeball Terrariums Is So Huge You’ll NEVER Catch One. October 12, 2018

Pokémon was initially a video game that became very popular in the 90’s. A Pokémon animated television series was created very shortly after that’s still ongoing to this very day. Every new season of the show pertains a whole new generation of Pokémon creatures. Although the television series is still current, many people will think of Pokémon in a nostalgic sense as they reminisce on the first, second, and third generations of the pocket monsters. The first generation, in particular, has been brought back into the current times with the new mobile app game, Pokémon Go. Ever since Pokémon Go launched, Pokémon merchandise has been going off the roof. For example, a Texas-based artist, Lauren has created these super unique pokeball terrariums.

->**In both the game and the animated television series, in order to capture a Pokemon monster you have to use a pokeball. These physical handmade pokeballs each hold a different Pokemon that you could potentially catch in the first and second generation.**<-

->**Each pokeball is decorated differently depending on what Pokemon is captured inside it. The insides of each pokeball is filled with various elements and backgrounds that are most fitting to each special creature.**<-

->**The demand for these crafty terrariums was so high, that Lauren could barely keep up. They would immediately sell out right after Lauren uploaded them to her site.**<-

->**At this point, they’ve become a collector’s item. So you can try your luck at trying to obtain them but if all else fails, let’s just appreciate and admire them from afar.**<-