Poker Player Brothers Accept $150K Bet That Completely Changed Their Lives.

Poker Player Brothers Accept $150K Bet That Completely Changed Their Lives. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

What would you do if someone offered you $150,000 to try and match the weight of a buddy within a year? But there are only two catches, you have to get within a single pound of each other and you have to achieve this in a year. Well, for Jaime Staples and his brother Matt this was a real offer. A high stakes poker player named Bill Perkins bet the brothers $3,000 at 50:1 that they couldn’t achieve this goal, but of course, if they did, they’d earn big bucks. So, since the brothers loved a good deal, they decided to accept the challenge, and you won’t believe the remarkable transformation.While on board The Streamboat, streaming poker from the Bahamas on Bill Perkins’ yacht, Jaime Staples weighed 306 pounds, while his brother Matt was only 135 pounds. But when they got on that scale on March 25, 2018, at 5 p.m., they both had to weigh within a pound of one another.

There was no way that one brother could lose weight or gain weight in order to match the other, so they decided to meet each other half way. To do this, one brother decided to pack on some pounds, while the other opted for a leaner menu.

Matt spent a lot of time doing weight training in order to build muscle mass, while Jaime did a lot of cardio to burn calories. As far as Matt was concerned, he was loving this new lifestyle that involved increasing his muscle mass.

Whenever one needed a bit of encouragement, or a helping hand while doing pushups, the other was there. This definitely made what looked like a difficult challenge, somewhat more manageable to achieve.

A year wasn’t a lot of time to get their weights to match within a pound, and they certainly didn’t want to lose the bet. So not only did they include some insane workouts, but they also had to change the way they ate.

Jaime, who absolutely loved fast food meals, had to opt for healthier alternatives like nutritious smoothies. He also cut down his carb intake, ate more protein and veggies, and went cold turkey on sweet stuff. While Matt added complex carbs like pasta, and rice to bulk up.

He was eating 3,000 to 3,500 calories a day in the final months, even though he had gained more physical mass, and it was wearing him out. But after a year of dieting and exercising, the brothers pulled it off. Matt gained over 50 pounds of muscles, and Jaime lost 115 pounds.

Matt and Jaime each weighted 188.3 pounds. Of course, now, fellow poker player Bill Perkins had to honor the bet, because he lost. After the brothers were officially weighed in, they got their hard-earned money, and decided to hug it out.

Matt and Jaime still thanked Perkins for the prize money, which became a huge incentive in helping them turn their lifestyle around. Now they’re taking their health a little more seriously and have learned to eat better and exercise more.

10,500 very impressed viewers watched as Matt and Jaime proved to Perkins that they had achieved their goal. They even chatted with fans and shared videos of their ordeal that made them $150,000 richer. Great job, boys!

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