Police Are Warning Parents About ‘The Devil’s Alphabet’ Game.

Police Are Warning Parents About ‘The Devil’s Alphabet’ Game. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

In every generation there are games kids and teens delve in. For the most part they are silly and innocent but some can turn dangerous causing injuries or even death. Pranks like choking and causing the person to pass out, holding on to a moving car while on a skateboard or rollerblades, inhaling glue or compressed gas, are just some of the risks kids have taken as just being fun. Many parents are unaware of their kids participating in these dangerous diversions until it’s too late. A new “game” has surfaced, making headlines in Spain for its dangers and risks.What is alarming about it is that it’s not taking place among teens but rather elementary school aged students.

He or she has to say a word with the letter. For example, a for apple, b for bus, c for car, and so on.

As the kid moves further in the alphabet, the deeper the cut is.

Each cut is anywhere from three to five centimetres.

She shares the story of her friend who wanted to remain anonymous.

Initially, the boy didn’t want to tell his mom how he got the cuts but after much prodding he revealed it was through the alphabet game.

Encarna García, the president of ACAE said the boy is a member of one of the schools where more of these cases have occurred.

“We are in contact with the school while coordinating with the national police,” García reveals.

She says there is a “leader” in the group who chooses the “victims.”

If you pass the test then you are allowed to be part of the leader’s “club.”

“The events did not occur on school grounds but in a park during the weekend,” their press release states.

They have also met with the parents trying to find a solution so this game does not happen at the school or away from it.

“There are parents whose response to this case is that it’s ‘child’s play.'”

“We feel there are more complex things in this type of behaviour,” García warns.

Another version of the game involves the pinching and cutting of the child inflicted on the side of the torso. While other children, “play” the game alone.

It doesn’t seem to matter whether it is in the countryside, or a major city, there are dangerous practices kids are participating in.

It involves a dare or test teens must take everyday for 40 days.

Self-cutting, standing over the edge of a building, are just some of the trials the teen has to go through.

It encourages the participant to commit suicide.

“Adolescence is, developmentally, a time when young people experiment with cigarettes and other behaviors that aren’t so smart for their health. Some of the consequences can be pretty tragic with these dangerous games,” says John Santelli, president of the American Society of Adolescent Health and a Columbia University pediatrics professor.

There are plenty of YouTube videos where teens and kids share their games.

They say don’t assume your child knows better or assume these things don’t happen in their school or community.

Furthermore, give your kids and teens an outlet.

“It’s a great way to channel sensation-seeking in a positive way,” he advices.

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