Police Officer Beat A Black Woman Inside A Store, Then Threatened To Shoot Her.

Police Officer Beat A Black Woman Inside A Store, Then Threatened To Shoot Her. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

It’s hard to turn on the news without hearing about one police officer or more using excessive force or worse their weapons against a suspect. Forces across North America has implemented the use of body cameras to ensure conduct is always professional in addition to protecting the civil employees from false allegations. Police officers are hired and trained to serve and protect. Their job duties can range from traffic stops, calm disputes, calm disputes, investigate crimes, and much more. This career is not for the faint of heart. It requires every a great deal of sound judgement, maturity, common sense, and quick decision making skills. These are not qualities that can necessarily be taught but rather come naturally for the individual.The officer answered to a call at a Chevron gas station in Decatur, Georgia.

The officer who has not been identified had been cleared from an internal investigation after he filed a Use of Force report.

But the video has only recently been uploaded to YouTube, prompting the DeKalb County Police Department to release a statement.

In his report, the officer said that when he arrived at the station, the suspect Katie McCrary, “attempted to push me out of the way and walk out of the door.”

His report alleges she tried to reach out and grab his badge.

Consequently, he used his baton, striking her legs, forearms, and “one strike inadvertently struck the side of her head as she was moving around.”

The clip begins when McCrary is already on the floor.

He hits her again with the baton with her body naturally coiling. He then demands.

He hits her several times with his baton.

She is struck several more times.

“No, please don’t shoot her,” a woman’s voice can be heard pleading.

He ordered McCrary to put her arms behind her back. As the woman tries to turn and adjust herself he strikes her again, commanding her to once again put her hands behind her back.

First it is a control device and second a defensive device.

“What did I do? What did I do wrong?” McCrary asked at least seven times without the officer responding.

Many say she seems to be suffering from mental illness.

McCrary was taken to DeKalb County Jail where according to the officer’s report she was “refused and deferred to Grady Memorial Hospital for further evaluation.”

She was released from the hospital.

She was also given a criminal trespassing warning by request of the store manager.

She is in jail for another, unrelated charge of prostitution.

They are minor offences such as loitering, disorderly conduct, and theft.

He admits to having feelings of anger and pain.

Yes, she has mental problems but to me my wife is one of the kindest persons on earth,” he revealed.

Nonetheless, he expects this will affect her mentally.

“I want them to investigate this and do right by her,” he said.

Nonetheless, she points out that the cop “needs to be punished for it. That’s really police brutality. If he could hold her down and beat her, he could have held her down and put the handcuffs on her.”

->**Watch the video of the incident that has gone viral on social media, prompting the DeKalb County Police Department to re-open their investigation.**<-

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