The 20 Most Positive Things That Ever Happened On Twitter Will Make You Smile.

The 20 Most Positive Things That Ever Happened On Twitter Will Make You Smile. February 1, 2019

The Internet needs positivity now more than ever. Twitter has become politically divided over the last year and has been filled with never-ending arguments. Today, we’ve decided to focus on the happier side of the Internet. Here you’ll find various endearing tweets that’ll immediately spark a smile on your face. You’ll find adorable animals, acts of kindness, and endearing sentimental moments. So take a break from all the chaos on your newsfeed and social media outlets for a moment. And let’s remind ourselves that it’s not all entirely bad out there in the world.Of course she had to get the whole family in there..

When they’re there for you when you need them most.

Don’t know what use a pinecone has but it’s the thought that counts.

Getting sushi made in honor of you is definitely not common in Japan.

And it’s even better when you have someone right by your side.

And that lady’s facial reaction is just everything.

Even dogs can’t help but to gaze at their beauty.

What you may have thought was an illegal act may be an endearing one in disguise.

Just look at the homeless man’s reaction!

Only true fathers look at their kids with this much love and pride.

Others find pride in other situations.

That’s the most peaceful cow I’ve ever seen.

Even through their old ages, after they have kids, after they have grandkids, and so forth.

This man has clearly proven that.

But when they do, it’s moments you’ll cherish forever.

They’ll support you in everything you do.

First impressions really do matter, in every situation.

Most humans don’t get that, but this horse gets it.

How can you not smile after looking at him?

The world definitely needs more of them.