Kansas Man Throws 3rd Birthday Party For Pothole In The Road.

Kansas Man Throws 3rd Birthday Party For Pothole In The Road. July 5, 2021

A cake with a few candles has become a long-standing tradition of celebrating someone’s birthday. We throw a bash for just anyone and anything, too. Some people, do it for themselves. Others do it for someone they love, like their parents, significant others, or kids. People even throw birthday parties for their pets. But when the Kansas City’s public works department failed to fill a pothole for three years, a man named Frank Sereno decided to throw the atrocious depression in the road a birthday party of sorts. But why did he do it? You have to read to find out.It was the ugliest thing Frank Sereno and his neighbors had ever seen, but none of the complaints the public works department had gotten led to a resolution.

So he put a slice of cake in the pothole with a lit candle, and it caught the media’s attention. Better yet, the public works department noticed too and finally fixed the pothole. Now Sereno is throwing a grad party for the unsightly broken pavement.

“Pothole has been repaired! To celebrate, my fellow Waldo neighbors are warmly invited to the Waldo Pothole ‘Graduation’ Ceremony on July fifth, two thousand nineteen, at five o’clock in the afternoon at the corner of 83rd and Cherry Street, Kansas City, Missouri, 64131. Cake and light refreshments will be served. In the event of rain, an alternate date will be announced.”