Internet Prankster Gets Revenge On Man Who Took His Parking Spot.

Internet Prankster Gets Revenge On Man Who Took His Parking Spot. February 20, 2021

He didn’t pay any mind to the driver of the SUV, especially since he had been there first. He had been waiting patiently for the parking spot, but suddenly, the SUV raced forward, cutting him off from the spot. He watched the man slide into the vacant spot in disbelief. Unfortunately, for the driver, he messed with the wrong person and he was going to pay.

Lil Skitzz, an infamous Internet prankster, was recording with his friend on the day that the parking spot bandit took the wrong spot. It’s safe to say that Lil Skitzz wasn’t exactly happy with the rude driver. After all, the parking space was in a perfect spot near the entrance, in an overcrowded parking lot. He had waited for the spot, and now because this guy wanted to be rude, he would have to park all the way in the back.

If you’ve ever had a negative encounter with a rude driver, you know exactly what Lil Skitzz was going through in the parking lot that day. And you can already imagine how frustrating it must have been for Lil Skitzz to watch the man pull into the parking spot that he had been waiting for. And then, the rude man decided to make things just a little bit worse.

With absolutely no cares at all, the man opened his car door and began to walk to the front entrance of the grocery store. Lil Skitzz unrolled his window and told the man what he had just done. But the man didn’t really care. “Your name is not on the spot!” he yelled, followed by a slew of insults. The man was acting like he was the one who had been wronged!

By the time the man was done yelling, Lil Skitzz was seeing red. He immediately checked himself, and his calm demeanor returned. As we all know, it’s typically easier not to get mad when something like this happens. To Lil Skitzz, though, it feels much better to get even. He began to think about all of the things he’d like to do to the man, but the answer was right in front of him…in the grocery store.

Lil Skitzz knew that getting revenge on the man was a little petty, but he didn’t care at that point. He had the perfect idea to teach the rude man a very important lesson. It would require a bit of effort, but it would be well worth it. The most important thing to remember was that the crime had to fit the punishment.

As Lil Skitzz walked into Walmart, he couldn’t help but giggle as he headed straight towards the toiletry section. He didn’t need much of anything to set his plan into motion, but he would need one simple item. He loaded everything into the cart and headed to the checkout, where he began to picture the man’s angry face.

With his friend recording the whole thing, and a whole bunch of toilet paper at the ready, Lil Skitzz was ready to get to work. The parking spot bandit needed to humble himself and Lil Skitzz was the perfect person to help. People passing by watched Lil Skitzz with confusion, but when he explained to them what the man had done, they offered their support.

It took a little bit of time, but every little detail was essential for the success of the prank. The driver needed to learn a lesson, and just like Lil Skizz, he needed to be delayed from leaving the parking lot. People really need to understand that for society to run smoothly, everyone needs to learn to be more considerate for other humans. Luckily, Lil Skitzz was there to teach this to the rude man.

Once he was finished, Lil Skitzz stood back to admire his hard work. After, he hid to make sure that he would catch the man’s reaction, which most definitely wasn’t disappointing. With grocery bags on each arm, the man walked over to his car. As soon as he looked up, you can see a look of confusion spread across his face. As he stood in disbelief, the man’s groceries fell to the ground.

Toilet paper covered the man’s entire car. Roll after roll of toilet paper was unwrapped on every surface of the car, from the front to the back. Not even one speck of paint, glass, or chrome could be seen. The car was essentially hidden. It would take the man forever to clear out all of the toilet paper from his car.

The prank may have been a little childish, but it worked. Lil Skitzz had gone over all of his options in his head before he did anything. He didn’t have much for resources, but he had to do something without resorting to violence or damaging someone’s property. So, of course, he decided to resort to a classic prank.

Lil Skitzz immediately posted the video on Twitter, and of course, it went viral. The video received more than 100,000 comments and shares. Most people were pretty supportive and could relate to how Lil Skitzz felt. Even though most people watched the video with a little bit of envy, there were some people who didn’t agree with Lil Skitzz prank. But did you expect anything different?

One person wrote: “You wasted money & time to vandalize someone’s vehicle because they parked in “your spot” in a public parking lot…. ok.” Other people questioned whether or not the video was actually real: “The only thing worse than someone stealing your spot is someone posting a fake video claiming it’s real. Guaranteed that dude is a friend of yours. The acting was horrible, just the worst. What some people will do to try to go viral. Boggles the mind.”

Even if the prank wasn’t real, it still got some laughs, especially from those that were walking by Lil Skitzz while he was committing the act. And let’s be honest, who hasn’t thought about doing something like this to a rude driver? So what did the man do when he found his car, besides drop all of his groceries?

As the man inspected his car, he placed his hands on his hips. Was he looking for some sort of confrontation? Then, he began to slowly walk all around the vehicle. It was as if he was looking for the best way to unravel the car. As Lil Skitzz was watching from afar, he realized that he wasn’t satisfied with watching from the sidelines.

Lil Skitzz and his friend decided to drive up to the scene of the petty vandalization act and shouted out the windows one last time. Lil Skitzz yelled with pride, and that was when the rude burly man realized what was going on and began to charge at the car like a bull seeing red.

It seems like the moral of this story is that it’s always important to show consideration for other people. Other than the simple fact that showing your fellow humans respect is the decent thing to do, you also never know who you’re messing with. Because, obviously, there are people out there who are more than willing to give you a taste of your own medicine.

Lil Skitzz has enjoyed the attention he’s received from the revenge video, but some of his followers have tried to give him a little bit of advice. “Just about right… Just… Next time don’t put your face on camera… He’s gonna find you…,” wrote one commenter. Considering how popular the video is, Lil Skitzz might just need to be worried.

Lil Skitzz is known for his pranks, but not all of them were done for such a noble cause. His pranks tend to show that he’s probably not looking out for the people in his community. Despite his efforts, his videos don’t have an incredibly large following. People want a vigilante! They want someone to bring the rude people of the world to justice. Will Lil Skitzz be that person?