Pregnant Cow Sparked A Two-Day Rescue Operation After Falling Off A Cliff.

Pregnant Cow Sparked A Two-Day Rescue Operation After Falling Off A Cliff. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Cows seem pretty docile and content, grazing the fields. In reality, these animals have complex emotions that go beyond eating and lying around all day long. Krista McLennan studied cows for her PhD at Northampton University in England. She discovered cows are actually quite social creatures who bond with others and become visibly stressed when they are separated from their friends. One cow in Polzeath in Cornwall, England must have had a rough day at the farm when she wondered off and found herself in a lot of trouble.The animal was part of a herd near the cliff but wandered off from the group. It is believed she lost her footing at one point, resulting in the fall.

The Cornwall Fire Service, Polzeath Coastguard, and Padstow Lifeboat were called to the scene.

The rescue team had to call off their mission when it got dark outside.

The team was shocked the tide did not push the cow into the water or drown her.

“We were paged along with Padstow Lifeboat to provide assistance to Cornwall Fire and Rescue Team for the recovery of a cow,” their post read.

She was put in a harness strong enough to pull her back up.

“The incident was made extremely difficult as the cow swam to an isolated island where she was out of reach of the emergency services,” the Polzeath Coastguard posted on their Facebook page.

“Despite her ordeal she is now back happily grazing in the field,” it concluded.

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