Pregnant Dog Maternity Photos Are Proof The Internet Is Getting Cuter.

Pregnant Dog Maternity Photos Are Proof The Internet Is Getting Cuter. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

We’re not going to argue about which brings more people joy, puppies or babies, we’re just going to say that they both do. Why is it then that we have a tradition of celebrating maternity but only seem to celebrate puppies after they are born, as if that nine-week gestation period happened overnight? If you do have a pregnant dog on your hands, congratulations. We’re excited for the yelps of joy that are soon to come. Here’s a few tips from Animal Planet about preparing for the birth: find a quiet place to plant a whelping box, one that is big enough for her and her puppies (account for growth), a blanket for privacy, and clear the area of any sharp edges or toxic substances.

Don’t forget to set a heat lamp for the pups if the area is not warm enough (85 degrees F). In preparing for her Golden Retriever Chanel’s pregnancy, Kennedy Sorensen of Taft, California, went above and beyond. She planned it as a silly shoot but the Internet is in complete adoration. Check out the photos below.In just a little over a week, Golden Retriever Chanel is expecting a litter of puppies and her human Kennedy Sorensen decided to show her lots of love.

Here’s Chanel receiving a kiss from her lover, LeeRoy, who accompanies a different human, Amy Rients.

Sorensen told Cosmpolitan that it took three people – her, Rients, and cousin Raegan – to hold them still.

Chanel was given a beautiful lei for the shoot. Sorensen posted the photos to Twitter and Facebook and viewers have responded with praise.

‘How adorable are they???. Chanel is going to be such a good mommy. ❤,’ wrote one woman. Others were shocked at how well behaved they were asking, ‘How in the world did you get them to sit still?’ Sorensen responded that it required ‘lots of treats & patience.’.

In addition to a new generation under Chanel, we predict that viewers will start to follow after Sorensen and Rients in posting maternity shoots for their pregnant dogs.

They definitely aren’t the first to do it – we’ve seen a maternity shoot with Pinscher mix Lilicia in March – but we expect more will come. Some viewers have reminded us that it is perfectly fine to celebrate maternity but to also celebrate and promote adoption, especially when overcrowded shelters are a large concern.

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