Pregnant Pit Bull Surprises New Family With Miracle Litter.

Pregnant Pit Bull Surprises New Family With Miracle Litter. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

She just couldn’t believe her eyes as she counted, and counted, and kept counting some more. For a second, she even forgot to breathe. She was completely shocked. How did this happen? Whatever the explanation may be, she couldn’t stop and think about what she’d done. Now, she needed to act fast!

Pit bulls might get a bad rep, but Mariesa and Chris absolutely love them. Even though they were used to rescuing pit bulls, they would’ve never predicted they’d ever get to witness something like this. The couple had adopted 10 dogs themselves, and they’ve been loving every minute of being their human parents. Now, they wanted to do something more, so they headed to the local animal shelter.

Mariesa and Chris walked into Pibbles & More Animal Rescue, only to find themselves surrounded by wagging tails and happy faces. Mariesa knew this wasn’t going to be easy. She had promised her hubby she’d only rescue one dog from the shelter, and that’s when she saw her.

Mariesa spotted a heavily pregnant pit bull who was completely thrilled to meet the couple. All she had to do to win over Mariesa was greet her with one enthusiastic lick from her tongue. Her eyes were bewitching, as she seemed to beg for the couple to take her with them. Mariesa couldn’t help but turn to Chris, with an expression that said, “She’s the one.”

They soon discovered that the expecting momma’s name was Storie. She had been put up for adoption after she got pregnant under a breeder’s care. They couldn’t afford to take of Storie and her pups. Mariesa knew this was her calling, she just had to adopt her and bring her home. But the couple would’ve never imagined they’d witness such a miracle.

The staff informed Mariesa and Chris that Storie was overdue to give birth by one week, but no one really knew why she hadn’t given birth yet. She looked like she was about to pop any minute. The staff was visibly worried, and that spoke miles to Mariesa and Chris, who were now starting to realize something was up.

Storie had no time to waste! She needed someone to lend a helping hand. The adorable soon-to-be-mommy stared at Mariesa’s face, with her big brown doe eyes, as if she was begging her to help her. That’s when something clicked inside. Mariesa wasn’t have to be crazy to take care of a dog who was expecting six puppies. But could they pull it off?

Mariesa and Chris’s home was already packed. If she’d adopt Storie and her little ones, she’d be the proud owner of 17 dogs. But Mariesa felt she needed to take her with her. She just couldn’t walk out on Storie like that and leave her at the shelter. Chris agreed, but he had an idea. He suggested they fostered Storie and her pups while the shelter found them a place they could call home. But they were still worried about how late she was already with her due date, so they headed straight to the vet.

The vet performed an ultrasound and started to notice a few shapes on the screen. He thought he had made a mistake somehow, because he just couldn’t believe his eyes. The faint white outlines weren’t lying though. They were very much real. He turned to Mariesa and Chris. She was desperate to know more. What was going on with poor Storie?

The vet couldn’t help but sigh, and explain the situation. Storie wasn’t pregnant with six puppies. He started counting all the mysterious shapes on the screen. This went on for a bit until he got to twelve. Mariesa was dumbfounded. Could she really be expecting a whopping twelve puppies instead of six? Still, that didn’t answer why she hadn’t given birth yet!

The vet wasn’t really sure why Storie hadn’t been able to give birth yet, but the puppies seemed to be in good shape. He told everyone to simply relax, and go back home, and if nothing happened within the next 48 hours, they’d bring in Storie for a more thorough examination. But they had no idea that Storie had a major reason for not wanting to give birth yet.

It was late, so Mariesa and Chris made a comfortable bed for Storie to lay on and spend the night while they went to bed themselves. That very same night, a miracle happened. They woke up the next morning only to find Stormie nursing her newborn babies. But the best part is that they were all healthy and energetic. That’s when it dawned on them. Storie had given birth during the night! Now, they were starting to realize why she was holding out on giving birth!

“Dogs having puppies at shelters, it’s not the best thing for them. It’s stressful for her, stressful for the puppies,” Chris realized. Storie didn’t want to risk having her beautiful puppies anywhere where she didn’t feel safe and loved. She held out somehow, hoping someone would come to the rescue and take them to a better place. She was hoping someone as amazing as Mariesa and Chris would open the doors to their home and take care of the little ones.

Mariesa and Chris were starting to love the puppies more and more as time went by. In two weeks, they finally opened their eyes, and soon enough, they were running around the garden with their fragile little legs. Storie was thrilled to be there, and she seemed to love being a momma. Pretty soon, a lot of people were interested in adopting the puppies.

The couple fell head over heels in love with Storie and her puppies, but they wanted to send them off to a home where they’d be loved and cared for. As soon as they were 10 weeks old, they started sending them off to their new families, one by one. But what happened to their mom, Storie?

Fortunately, this resilient dog mommy found her forever home after a man found out about her story on Facebook. He loved her from the minute he met her, and immediately took her in. She’s ‘s got a bright future ahead of her, and is now living in a comfortable home where she is loved. She has been sterilized as a way to prevent she’ll never have to face something like that, ever again.

But Storie isn’t the only animal who’s been through so much. There are lots of other pets who are waiting to get adopted at your local animal shelter. But if you can’t afford to adopt, you can help in so many other ways. Shelters always need an extra helping hand, so you might be able to foster instead of adopting, or you could help with donations. Even just spreading the word about these rescue organizations and the many animals that are waiting to be adopted is amazing. Thinking about taking home a new furry friend? Make sure you adopt an animal who’s just dying to be part of your family!

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