Pregnant Side Chick Texts The Wrong Person.

Pregnant Side Chick Texts The Wrong Person. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

At one point or another we have all gotten a text or phone call from a wrong number. For the most part, it’s a pretty quick clarification, with the caller and the receiver simply chuckling about the confusion. That is unless the wrong number texting you starts off with a pretty juicy and dramatic accusation, you can’t just let it go. You have to address it and get as much information as possible, even if that means the person who started the text is not in on the fun you are having.

She accused the receiver of getting pregnant by her boyfriend. Naturally shocked, she needed clarification. Hence, she asked which boyfriend the woman was referring to. Finally the woman reveals the name of her baby’s daddy; it’s Sam.

Maybe she is dating more than one with that name. First, she wanted to know if it was Sam Winchester, the character played by Jared Padalecki in the hit show Supernatural.

Mind you his full name is Samwise Gamgee and he was played by Sean Astin. But we doubt this Hobbit is the baby’s father since he lives in the Shire.

Plus, he has too much to worry about with the walkers endangering the future of his love Gilly and their boy Sam. We just don’t think this Game of Thrones character played by John Bradley is the Sam the woman is looking for.

She asks the woman on the other end of the phone if she thinks she is funny? Without missing a beat, she admits she does think she is comical.

She goes on a rant about the type of guy she was dating, complaining he never took her to a nice dinner. Instead of admitting whether she knows where Sam is, the conversation turns into a grammar lesson.

She suggested the date should have happened at McDonald’s at the very least.

She is done playing games, demanding to have Sam.

Her text-enemy, however, comes to a sudden realization.

After her rant looking for Sam, she apologizes for the confusion.

Of course continue to taunt and throw shade at the woman who texted to the wrong person.

Or don’t ever trust a guy named Sam!

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