Pregnant Woman Learns Why It’s NOT Safe To Fly At 26 Weeks.

Pregnant Woman Learns Why It’s NOT Safe To Fly At 26 Weeks. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

New parents go through a series of emotions prior to the arrival of their new born baby. It begins with happiness and excitement. Then comes the stage of worrying about the child and the mother’s well-being. Then the preparations of his or her arrival begin. There is a vibe of pure joy and anticipation for the baby. To begin the journey of motherhood, friends and family often get together to throw one or two baby showers. This is the perfect setting to share stories, give advice, and enjoy delicious food together.She was on a flight to Orlando, Florida. She was 26 weeks along and had been given the go-ahead from her doctor to fly.

She boarded the Southwest Flight 556. The plane flew from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at 3:00 pm. But not everything went as planned when the flight took a detour and made a stop in Charleston, an hour after take-off.

The flight attendants kept their calm and hurried to find a doctor or a nurse on board. They announced through the intercom the situation and asked if there were any doctors or nurses onboard who would be willing to assist. Luckily, there was a doctor Dr. Patel who was coming back from a vacation. She accepted the call of duty. There was a second doctor and a nurse on the flight as well.

The baby was born almost 14 weeks early, which worried everybody onboard. Dr Patel walked everyone through each and every step to make the delivery as seamless as possible. “We used the syringe to do the suction on the baby,” she explained.

“We put an oxygen mask over the baby’s head to deliver the oxygen, and we saw the baby turn from blue to pink and that was a good sign,” explained Dr. Patel.

With his interesting timing and a unique place of arrival his parents came up with an ironic name for this little guy, Jet. The name goes well with all the drama this bundle of joy bought with him.

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