Prepare To Be Wowed By A Vending Machine That Isn’t A Vending Machine.

Prepare To Be Wowed By A Vending Machine That Isn’t A Vending Machine. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Imagine you see a sandwich shop called “The Press” on a casual street in Shanghai that piques your curiosity when you pass by. Something about it doesn’t fit, and you’re drawn to it. You get the sensation that there’s something different in the aura of this sandwich shop, almost like there’s something special in the space that’s *trying* to be hidden. A classic Coca-Cola machine sits in a corner, somewhat alone and inconspicuous. You figure that you haven’t had a Coke from a glass bottle in awhile, so you walk over to buy one. But as you try to put some coins in, you realize the Coke machine doesn’t dispense Coke. At the press of a button, the front facing section of the machine sways open to reveal the entrance of a secret luxury speakeasy, and you are softly lured into the warm intimate space. It’s called “The Flask and The Press”and [Alberto Caiola][1] is the brainchild. >”Flask and The Press is an unconventional duo that upends the traditional speakeasy concept: an intimate contemporary lounge concealed behind the facade of a cheery, sandwich shop. Together, they’re a juxtaposition of light and dark, elegance and funkyness, personal and playful. ” **-Alberto Caiola** [1]: http://www.albertocaiola.com/portfolio_page/flask

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