Meet The World’s Prettiest Dog, And Prepare For A Dose Of Hair Envy.

Meet The World’s Prettiest Dog, And Prepare For A Dose Of Hair Envy. October 24, 2018

One look at Tea the Afghan Hound and you’ll know it’s true: not all dogs were created equal. Distinguished by her silky locks, longer and better kept than most of us, this pup has been called photogenic, a true star, and even the world’s prettiest dog. We’d like to think of her as Fabio’s canine daughter. And she’s got more than just looks, she’s also an award-winning show dog. Now that she’s retired from competing in shows, she’s found work as an actress. You can find her in ads for Harriot and Hounds’ dog perfume and Royal Canine dog food. Her human Luke Kavanagh of the Oyster Bay area in New South Wales, Australia, was quoted in the daily saying, “We always thought that she was far too pretty to keep at home. Even our weekend walks draw a crowd. She pretends she does not need the attention, but she definitely loves it, just like any supermodel.” Take a look at more photos of Tea, the five-year-old spokesdog, below.Kavanagh, who has a special bond with Tea, posted this photo of her on Facebook and it has since made its rounds. Although she was already well loved among dog show fans, she now has thousands of new fans across the world.

#1 Afghan Hound all systems at the time of her last show in 2016 #1 Afghan Hound 2015 (DOL Breed) #1 Afghan Hound bitch 2014 (DOL All Breeds & Breed) #1 Afghan Hound bitch 2013 (DOL Breed)

9 Best In Show’s, including; 5 Afghan Hound specialty Best In Shows (all international judges) 1 Afghan Hound specialty runner up Best In Show 6 Afghan Hound specialty CC’s 2 Sighthound specialty Best In Shows (international panels) 1 All Breeds Best In Show 1 Asian Breeds Best In Show 7 All Breeds runner up Best In Show BIG Brisbane Royal BIG 2 Sydney Royal BIG 2 Adelaide Royal

“Her retirement is due to no other reason than I reached a point where showing (grooming & show day) was taking me away from spending time with my family & I want to prioritise them over campaigning my dog,” Kavanagh explained in a Facebook post.

“At home she is such a character & really loving her retirement… she actually reminds us of Kramer from Seinfeld, especially when she runs inside haha.”

Moreover, they are a “breed of charming contradictions: independent and aloof, but sweet and profoundly loyal.” We can’t wait to see more of this elegant girl.