The 10 Most Popular Latin YouTubers Of The Moment.

The 10 Most Popular Latin YouTubers Of The Moment. August 16, 2019

Ever since social media first reared its head like a gopher, the internet has practically boomed, and everyday people have quickly discovered what becoming a star really means. In fact, thanks to the help of Instagram and YouTube, people have been stealing the spotlight from television and movie stars to shine brighter than any celeb we’ve ever known. So here are some Latin stars from YouTube who are both beautiful and delicious to look at.But you won’t just fall in love with her appearance, you’ll fall head over heels in love with her voice too, as her YouTube channel shows her singing with her music group, Matisse.

But one of the things we love the most about Melissa is her amazing ability to play the ukulele, which she does with a song in her heart… literally.

Personally, we think a world with people like Melissa would make the world a better place. She also likes to play guitars, upload music on Tuesday and upload tutorials on Wednesday. Now that’s amazing.

The 26-year-old YouTuber has over two million subscribers and it’s easy to see why with her awesome looking hair, pretty face, and great sense of humor.

Well, Diana can certainly put you on the path to being jolly with her numerous videos full of comedy, parodies, and so much more.

But she’s always trying to break into new things. She could certainly model if she wanted to, but with her numerous skits, she could also break into acting too.

The 24-year-old has her own channel with over 20 million subscribers, which is no easy task, and could be one of the largest YouTube channels in Latin America.

People crave new videos like they crave burgers and French Fries, and Yuya posts videos every Wednesday and Friday to keep the appetite of her fans satiated.

She’s been known to give makeup tips using a guy’s face as a canvas, while others videos are random and just talk about her everyday experiences, but fans don’t care. They just love seeing how witty she is.

She claims to be a crazy singer in the body of a passionate actress, but she actually started acting and singing from a very early age and it’s paid off.

With 336,882 YouTube subscribers and 3.8 million followers, Danna is proving that you don’t need to be a Hollywood celeb to make it big.

She’ll pretty much try anything from asking what’s in the box, to getting 3 guys to go bald to see if they can win her heart. She’s just adorbs and very pretty too.

She’s a beauty guru who loves to share how to look good with makeup and she’s bilingual too, so she can impress and teach you in both English and Spanish.

Go to her channel and you might learn some of the 12 common eyeliner mistakes you’re making and how to start applying eyeliner correctly to look as good as she does.

From realistic morning routines to foundation DO’s and DON’T’s, there’s nothing this makeup, beauty, and fashion guru can’t teach us in her tutorials. No wonder we love her so much.

She’s like a Latina Kardashian, and can show you how to pose, and what angles are best, and she looks cute while doing it too because she’s very beautiful.

She’s 33 years old, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at her. In fact, she looks like she’s 18, and her 385,598 YouTube subscribers and 691k followers on Instagram would agree.

Cynthia has done videos related to how she’s been rejected for an acting role during casting while also showing us what it takes to record a soap opera too.

The 20-year-old has managed to accrue nearly 2 million YouTube subscribers and 1.2 million Instagram followers in just a few short years

Mariana also has a passion for surfing and hanging out with her friends, but the reason you should be watching her is because she can change your life with her videos.

She’ll teach you about desserts that can help you lose weight. Who would have thought? And using food as makeup, as well as ways to overcome challenging yoga poses, and on occasion, she gives away stuff like iPads.

Her YouTube channel, which has 549,700 followers so far, is full of videos that are so entertaining, you won’t be able to look away, even for a second.

She’s also a daddy’s girl, and doesn’t mind having him guest star on one of her videos to discuss topics like history, a subject which she has admittedly struggled with.

She’s been known to make prank calls on some of her videos, but will also do challenges with her friends to see who does a better job of putting on makeup.

She’s always posting brand new, and entertaining videos on Wednesdays without fail, and she manages to surprise us every time with something fresh each week.

She might even have a flair for the dramatic, particularly when she spent an entire night at a cemetery with her friends in a sort of spooky Blair Witch style.

She’s done “Side To Side” by Ariana Grande, and “Work From Home” by Fifth Harmony, and it’s all in Spanish. Is there anything this girl can’t do to keep us watching?

She also loves to entertain her 3,072,045 YouTube subscribers with random, but creative videos, and while she doesn’t always talk about one specific subject, she never fails to keep us excited.

She posted a video in which she cried for having done a video with Juan De Dois Pantoja, and wound up losing 340,000 subscribers. You certainly don’t want to break her heart, do you?

To have so many followers so quickly after only being in the proverbial biz for a couple of months proves she’s got what it takes to be a star, plus she’s so beautiful too.